How to DJ on a budget


If you’re on a budget and have a dedicated interest in DJing where and how do you start? This standard question houses many different answers. Of course there are a heck of a lot options for you who have the money to buy the latest or best DJ software and hardware. But for those of you who don’t’ have the economy to enter their electronic dream right now, we thought to provide you some easy access and get you started.  The following list offers you initial steps forward for you to further research in preference to spending months of hard earned cash on professional kit until your up and established.

1. Buy Used Software and Hardware

First good optional for you here is to buy a used DJ setup. This is not that hard to find since nowadays every gear updates all the time, and DJs want to keep in track with this and renew their setup all the time. Often you have to do a license transfer so the software comes hand in hand with the hardware, for example Native Instrument or Serato. This software allows resailes and licences-transfer to other users Be aware of this when you buy used ones, so the license and all you need comes with.

2. Going with the Trial version

There are loads of Dj software out there and readily available. Ranging from free to a few hundred dollars (or pounds), domestic to pro versions offer an immediate capacity to become a digital DJ. More and more often you now see the leading and most favoured options of software come with an intro (free) demo version. Not always known by fledgling DJs but the perfect option you have to make your first steps to start DJing. Unfortunately but equally understandable, this software is usually restricted in feature or locked after a certain usage period is reached. Nonetheless, this is the ideal platform to start in preference to the often costly hardware route. To practice your first mix and start blending your favourite tunes together, VirtualDJ is free for use and is good for a basic building block and to establish if this is going to progress from a hobby to a career choice. Turning to one of the current industry standards, Traktor from Native Instruments also provide demo versions that never expire, but the catch is it locks down after a limited 30 minutes of use, alternates include Ableton and another is Serato.

3. Download free DJ software

With a generation that is weaned on development, there are some people that believe free is better. Thankfully for them there is an abundance of open source DJ software available, without the feature reduction limitation of trial versions, basically free for you to use in entirety. All you have to do is search, download and install on your computer and your ready to go. The best example for this is Mixxx software. Mixxx It is totally free and also allows for hardware control integration.

So now you know DJing really don’t have to be that expensive to start so what’s your excuse? Start working towards your DJing dream today.



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