Lack of motivation? “Phalanx” by Recondite will bring incentive


Sometimes you need a little nudge and push along the way to move forward in life. It can be hard being at work with colleagues or university with friends who don’t seem to understand that you may require a little support, it’s natural. Maybe you are too afraid to show or share you may need some help, at some point we all do. Life can be fast, rough and hard but also on the flip-side fun and exciting. It is all a part of the journey we are here for. Together we can make life easier to digest by helping our friends, assisting strangers in need, even when it doesn’t seem openly necessary.

It has long been noted by conscious academics and practitioners of holistic services that by helping others you also help yourself, and importantly you become a better person along the way. Showing love and gratitude towards life and the universe can be shown in so many ways, you just need to choose a path and stick to it. We all can do something to make the world shine brighter than it did yesterday. Don’t ever forget who you are when you are on the hardest path, it is a stepping stone to move forward; we become who we are through our journeys on that path. People can improve and become better people than they were yesterday, you choose who you are to become in entirety during every step that you take. There is a saying that when you wake up, you become a new person; I surely believe that every day is a new day, that you and everyone else can make a difference; so why not start today?

“Everybody has a story and everyone is equally important to this world. This is a poignant song that will altruistically reveal reflection and regeneration as an entwined motivator.”

I like to believe in a world that is kind to its people. I believe in karma and that means what you show, returns back. Life is a path worth walking, climbing, and crawling should you need to find our way and reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Life is full of opportunity, we just need to recognise them. Listen to Recondite – Phalanx and it will show you that there is calmness and kindness even in the darkness.


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My Kellner

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, My is a person that takes on life with a smile her face. She loves the raw energy, atmosphere and people found in underground clubs. Anything outside of the ordinary is her raison d'être. Expect a stream unique insights and dynamic enthusiasm to be shared on a regular basis.

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