Talking through dance


This is a term that should be used more often at raves. Talking through dance. I once met a friend of mine and we started a conversation about how you communicate with each other on the dancefloor. Personally, I am not a fan of having long conversations on the dancefloor. It totally interrupts the vibe I have going on as well as the vibes of the people around me on the dancefloor, similar to those possessed with taking photos. I almost always try to avoid anything more than a polite “Hello,” or a “How are you?”

The first time I heard this term was during a conversation with my friend who mentioned that “You say hello, then you talk through dance”. This was a correct observation which I had never really entertained nor thought of before . Professional and traditional dancers have used this process to connect and communicate since the dawn of time, it is also a very natural and unconscious activity to communicate with others through movement and energy of dance. 

“Dance is a unique yet powerful form of communication. Expression speaks a thousand words”

I’ve met plenty of friends and new acquaintances, even people I don’t know on the dancefloor ‘talking through dance.’ Let’s face it, deeper conversations are better taken directly off the dancefloor and to the bar, outdoor area, or anywhere else for that matter. You smile, say hello and then continue to dance, connect, smile and interact it soon feels as though on a subconscious level you’ve talked to each other for a substantial time without words. This action is both exciting and engaging in preference to simply sharing the dancefloor. This is how I have made a lot of friends in the rave scene, firstly by dancing with them and then after many hours of dancing our friendship is solidified and all barriers eradicated; our connection is music and a common appreciation of the community in clubbing is reaffirmed.


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