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Everywhere, at almost every party, the event producers book notable DJs and use their names to get as many people in through the door; as soon as someone big is announced they use that profile on flyers, posters and online advertising, as well as across social medias. This is of course for marketing reasons and to maximise capacity, inviting fans and followers to come and to obviously create new ones. But what about those who actually care more about the energy and overall vibe on the dance floor irrespective of titles? We may not always care who is playing, their name might not mean anything in a current and saturated market; instead, some of us go to clubs where atmosphere and attention to programming is prioritised to the dance floor, compared to others. To create that, it takes more than a big name, it takes a brazen approach of quality in preference to security to fill your club. I was recently at a club in Malmö, Sweden which did provide any notable name DJs whatsoever (the lost art of incredible residents and people who get to know their local crowd). I immediately engaged with this winning concept, I pondered further, what would happen if no one ever knew who was playing, which crowd was that going to attend? Hopefully a very good one but without premise or judgement.

I almost knew before I went that this was going to be something special. Everybody was there for the pure love of music. People weren’t there to tag or brag about the DJs leading the mix, it was the penultimate clubbing environment. The people behind the DJ booth, as well as people on the dance floor were not anyone fancy at all, a serious and determined lack of VIP, just Techno DJs and people who loved being to support great music. The result of this club was amazing. It really showed that we don’t need profile DJs to have fun; with this type of club a more intimate and inclusive vibe are created, you bring people together that are there for the same reason – the experience in its whole. For me, this was something new and refreshing, and something that should be re-applied to the underground scene more often. It really takes out the focus of celebrity in preference to the love of music. This created one big loving vibrational atmosphere, one of the best parties I have ever been to. So I reiterate, take away some attention from the DJs and return the party to an inspirational theme that reflects in the atmosphere, and you will see how the dance floor responds to even with the lesser known DJs. It is always about the music and somewhere over the years many modern promoters seem to forget this invaluable fact.


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My Kellner

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, My is a person that takes on life with a smile her face. She loves the raw energy, atmosphere and people found in underground clubs. Anything outside of the ordinary is her raison d'être. Expect a stream unique insights and dynamic enthusiasm to be shared on a regular basis.

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