Soundtrack of our lives


We hear music every day, from stores, to waiting rooms, on the radio and TV, basically every place we find ourselves in daily circumstance. It is so commonplace that you might not even notice it’s incessant and subliminal placement. We don’t always hear it or register its presence but music is everywhere. If not publicly from the airwaves through to our social surrounds we also surround ourselves with music 24/7 in our own confines from headphones to laptop speakers at home. This is not only about the music consciously created with an instrument, it is inherent within nature and the everyday hum of the environment. Sadly we have become immune to much of its savour, often too busy to actually listen to what we have around us and be present in the moment.

If we start relax our mindset and learn to listen and appreciate we may notice that everything around us combines into a beautiful tapestry of vibrance and vibration … music. Take time to notice the birds singing outside our windows, the bus driving on the streets nearby, and the dogs barking in unison, not always in harmony nor discordant to offence, simply a layer of energy, movement of our modern world. If we live in the moment and start to listen to these things, it can actually become more pleasant to walk through cities, across town and add the invitation of aural exploration to your adventures, alone or with friends. Everything is music and music is all around us, we just have to stop our daily disturbances and relax our busy minds to hear it.

We all can get caught up in our work, our problems or things we need to get done. But if you stop yourself for only a second, take a deep breath and try to think about those little wonders in our everyday life, you might find yourself more and more satisfied with yourself without anything concrete changing. When you start to find the good in life instead of the negative, your body and mind will change for the positive. Life is beautiful, you just have to open your mind, your ears, and your eyes. This is a not so much a meditation but an appreciation and any time we take out for ourselves is always of great benefit.

Don’t get caught up in your thoughts, thinking about what you are going to do this weekend, or what you going to say to your co-workers next time you see them. You miss out of the beautiful little signs the universe sends out all the time. Listen to what the universe is telling you. Instead of creating your own soundtrack immersed in your headphones, one by one, create it together with everyone around. Look, talk, sing, smile at strangers on the street, say hello, communicate. Contribute to the music of this life where everyone is involved, to spread happiness and love all around you. The more you listen, the more you start to notice how beautiful life actually is, and the more you start to appreciate life on its own in it’s most rudimentary and simplistic form. Everyone and everything, somehow, can bring music to the universe, and together we can make it sing. In the wonderful words of Celeda on the legendary Danny Tenaglia’s record, don’t forget, “music is always the answer.” Do you listen?


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My Kellner

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, My is a person that takes on life with a smile her face. She loves the raw energy, atmosphere and people found in underground clubs. Anything outside of the ordinary is her raison d'être. Expect a stream unique insights and dynamic enthusiasm to be shared on a regular basis.

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