Sir LSG “Circles” Feat. Clara Hill Will Have You Wishing It Never Ends


Released today on GOGO Music, is Sir LSG’s new single, “Circles”, which features German vocalist Clara Hill. The single release follows Sir LSG’s popular track “Sandcastle”.

Bringing a future classic to the table, “Circles” shows off Sir LSG’s amazing skills; giving us a dance electronic song that we can’t get enough of. Luckily for us, there are five tracks on this single, including various remixes and edits. The track embodies the title of the song, feeling repetitive but in the perfect dance way we all love. Clara Hill’s vocal adds some massive soul to the dancefloor; literally making us rhythmically move along to the track and her lyrics.

This collaboration was the perfect match; Clara Hill adds that unique twist to get this song exactly where it needs to go; while Sir LSG brings it, continuing the track like it’s never going to stop – and we don’t want it to. Also included in this five-track single is Ralf GUM’s Dark Circles Remix. This remix is more of a revamp, changing the song up and switching it into a much more dark track with incredibly low-key beats. The vocals are much the same but definitely more spacey, adding a great haunting effect to a song we already love listening to.

Listen To Ralf GUM Dark Circles Remix Of Sir LSG’s “Circles” Here:

“Circles” along with first single “Sandcastle” are tasters of what is to come, as Sir LSG is planning on dropping an album very soon. This has been a working project ever since he signed with GOGO Music in 2011. He has already proven himself with his first single which racked up onto various iTunes charts, Traxsource, as well as Kaya FM in South Africa. It looks like “Circles” is set for a similar success, and we’re excited for this album.

As for Clara Hill, she’s an established German vocalist who has already released five albums, the latest being “Pendulous Moon” in 2016. She has worked with Ralf GUM in the past, so it’s no surprise he took a short break from his forthcoming 2018 album to contribute to this single.

It looks like Sir LSG is set to make 2017 one of his best years. If “Sandcastle” and “Circles” are anything to go by, his album will be setting dancefloors ablaze with his music.


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