Max Lean Fights For “You & Me” In Stunning Debut For Ultra Music Featuring Conrow


New to Ultra Music is Max Lean who is totally taking dance to the next level with this amazing new track “You & Me” which features vocals from Conrow. Bringing an ideal summer tune; Max Lean impresses to no end with his production skills, giving us an unforgettable high-energy track; perfect for those DJ sets at open air venues.

From the get-go, the beat kicks in, instantly getting people to pay attention. The lyrics also have the same quality, painting this picture of Conrow fighting for “You & Me”. As a result, the vocals radiate throughout, adding that definite shine needed to accompany this summer-induced track.

Max Lean has a busy tour schedule in the upcoming months, which will see him play at various festivals around Europe. If this song proves anything, it’s that his DJ set is definitely something that is not to be missed; especially since this track would storm dancefloors around the world, so imagine what his DJ set would be like.

Check out Max Lean’s “You & Me” featuring Conrow here:


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