Tuskegee blows the roof off DC10


Legends aren’t formed overnight and in the electronic music scene there are few clubs that have earned this accolade. DC10 has earnestly held a torch for underground music and is the bridging beacon welcoming clubbers from every corner of the globe, representing independent and iconic status that has returned their industry led respect.

Since its beginning and continued in every event since, DC10 deliver unbelievable line-ups that transpose Ibiza’s summers, making this a certifiable pindrop for anyone wanting unadulterated dancing to some of the finest music available. Many of the guest DJs have not only made their names cutting teeth with the knowledgeable crowd but have themselves reached a pinnacle, ruling the terrace with abundant prowess in tune selection and crowd command.

Tuskegee made its debut at this iconic club last Friday. Enter Guti, Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers. Headliners that set a precedent, with a night filled with unbelievable live and cutting edge music from these world class leaders. They say a good sound system never lies and as the carefully curated sets weaved across the thriving dancefloors every single clubbers face told the story defining the fact they knew they were experiencing something very special indeed. These are the nights we all strive for and spend our eternal search globally feasting upon festivals and clubs as we go. The line up brought something completely different to the table which Ibiza has been longing for this summer season; with the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Sita Abellan, Bas Ibellini, Phil Moffa, Matt Tolfrey and Jesse Calooso.

Guti won the show for us, taking the stage with his live set and getting everyone in the mood early on in the night. Dropping some serious beats and intertwining the usual Guti eclectic mix of music. Seth Troxler and the Martinez Brothers made the dance floor come to life, as their dynamic and explosive energy bounced off one another. Creating an evening of unique sounds immersed in their deep and diverse knowledge of electronic music.

Here the DJs representing the Tuskegee party not only brought the vibe but also aptly blew the roof off the contained and covered club terrace, not only winning new fans but pleasing those that had obviously travelled far and wide to attend the stellar event. In the words of a self proclaimed entertainment specialist, this will definitely be noted as a highlight for my Summer 2017.



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