A Paradise All Night Long: Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati in DC10 Ibiza


With the Ibiza summer well underway we visited DC10 for a truly special Paradise night. 19 June all the routes were leading to one place, bringing dance pilgrims together in the iconic island club, a converted finca off the end of the airport runway. That Wednesday night was nothing short of spectacular, with Jamie Jones and Joesph Capriati both playing all night long, bringing the finest underground electronic music to the hundreds of Ibiza clubbers.

Paradise head honcho Jamie Jones has been steering his iconic night to success for many years, and this season is no different with a roaster of talents being drafted into DC-10 to play. 

That Wednesday Jamie was joined by his old friend Joseph Capriati, each playing a tremendous 7-hour set between the two rooms. We were really excited for this chance to experience this in-depth showcase of their artistic skills, usually impossible to be fully presented within a standard club set. Not only we got excited, here is what Jamie said before the night:

‘This Wednesday I will be playing from start to finish on the terrace! I don’t think anyone has ever played all night long at dc10!! My brother @josephcapriati will be doing the same on the inside room. I’m excited as I get to play so many records that I can never fit into the 2 or 3 hours I usually play. This will be a real journey in both rooms. We are so so hyped!’

Joseph Capriati also commented before the fiesta:

‘This is going to be one for the Ibiza history books. Next week at DC10, all night long in the Main Room and Jamie Jones all night long in the Terrace.’

More interestingly, with Jamie and Joseph both being world-renowned DJs, regularly playing for thousands of techno lovers at the biggest events and festivals around the globe, we were curious who’s gonna win the crowd this time!

We arrived early excited to step into the DC10 for the second time this season. The club housed on an old farm in a former aircraft hangar, close to the airport but perfectly secluded, is definitely something every raver relishes. We entered just after midnight, arriving at the spacious garden that was turned into a comfortable lounge. Soft pillows, cool and colourful seats and even some cosy cubic outdoor beds, all decorated with funky lightning, it seemed like a perfect area to chill out and get some fresh air.

We decided to start the night bouncing to Jamie’s tunes on the Terrace. As we entered the room, it became obvious why DC-10 is such a notable venue. The music was loud with pure, crystal clear sounds pumping from the speakers set around the room. It was after 1am and the room was filling up with people whilst Jamie was laying on some smooth bumping house tracks getting the party started.

Over the past seven years, the 38-year-old DJ carved out a coveted Ibiza niche with his signature night. DC-10 was the club where Jamie spent his summers on the dance floor and where he came to meet the family that would later make Paradise a reality. With a plan to offer something different to the island clubbers and inspired by Larry Levan’s legendary Paradise Garage parties in New York, he set out to create a party that was eclectic, creative with an intimate feel. Guiding the Paradise for the 8th season, Jamie knew perfectly how to create this special family atmosphere in the club. He knows the definition of groove, he knows how to get your hands in the air, and how to make you dance. The atmosphere was already in full swing with the dancers on a platform on the side of the room in their signature costumes moving in time to the beat of Jamie’s sound which had the crowd around them watching their every move. Thick lines of red, blue and green lasers were scanning the crowd from every angle.

Our bodies were yearning to move freely so we headed for the Main Room only to realise the two were going neck-to-neck as Joseph’s dancefloor was also packed with clubbers as he was dropping some heavy-hitting rollers. With more than a decade of his career, Italian talent is known for injecting rooms full of groove and bass. He was doing just that, weaving through some minimal tech tracks and keeping everyone moving. Considered as one of the key figures in the minimal techno renaissance of the last few years, Capriati has been a part of Drumcode, Adam Beyer’s distinguished techno imprint, since he was only 21 giving him pretty much the dream ticket to land at the start of your career. He is deservedly one of techno’s most in-demand headliners and continues to better himself as an artist.

Capriati read the crowd like a prophet – conjuring a mood that had everyone floating around like butterflies in the wind. The Paradise regular was going through the motions behind his decks, fist-pumping himself and infusing the energetic vibes from his spinning directly into the crowd in front of him. With Joseph behind the decks, the room was not letting up as he delivered unpredictable drops and groovy underground anthems keeping the dancefloor busy.

The terrace’s magnetic energy had gotten ahold of us, as it does for many clubbers, so we went to back to Jamie’s house once again, interlacing our way through the crowd. The room was heaving, bodies jostled for space with people flooding into the tiniest pocket of space as soon as it appeared. Jamie has been heading the British house music scene for the past years, pioneering his own distinct sound that has paved the way for a warmer, more melodic, side of techno to emerge. From around 4am his signature tracks had all the energy and kinetic power of the peak time. The last few hours of fiesta has turned the hedonistic night upside down and took the party to another level. The legendary artist completely captivated the audience, delivering a mix of funky deep tech tunes with strong bass lines and massive drops, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

At no point our feet stopped moving. We left DC10 around 6am feeling content. Paradise is set to deliver another spectacular season, with the infectious energy, good vibes and groovy beats that this party is known for. Even though the club has seen its share of changes, the one thing is for sure: DC-10 has always kept its promise to bring you the best in talent and real underground music experience. 

Find out more and get your tickets: www.paradise.live 


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