Dust yourself off and “Rise Again” with Boston 168


Life isn’t always a bed of roses it varies into a myriad of experiences. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. During the harder days, it can be difficult to find the meaning of life or a clear set direction. What is the greater purpose of us being here on earth, living, dying, laughing and crying? Music can provide both solace and support and also offer an option to dance through the middle of tougher times. We have been put on this beautiful earth to seek, achieve, listen and to learn. Through the darkest of nights, there can be light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We just need to remind ourselves that life is as remarkable as you are as an individual. The dance floor can become a haven and a hot bed to peter through our thoughts. Everybody can fail sometimes, life isn’t supposed to be hard. We are here to spread love and joy and share in a communal sense of being Maybe some days we succeed more than others. But never blame yourself for falling short. We all have difficulties in life that may turn into an advantage later on, this is an especially poignant story for the music industry. The hard times makes us who we are, it is the fault in us that makes us strong, we live and we learn by our mistakes and move forward with our lives. We dust ourselves off when something bad happens, whilst trying to bring out a smile. It’s not always easy, but you should never forget that it is what we bring to the world that defines us. Don’t underestimate the power of love …. and music. Everybody holds it as a driving force and can use it for the greater good. Often we require something to rely on; for me, that is where music comes in, it serves as a lifeline and lightens up the brightest of days. Music can stir memories and emotions of the beauty of al that surrounds us, it leads us into a deeper appreciation of the perfect notes the planet produces. Listen to Boston 168 – Rise again, and you’ll get the feeling of what reflect. Never forget, no one ever loses and with amazing music like this we are all a winner.


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