Houghton Festival Is On For 2022 Line-up Announced


Houghton Festival returns for 2022. Craig Richards’ masterfully curated world of music, art and dancing will revive in the rural splendour of Norfolk’s countryside from 11th – 14th August ’22.

Reforming the family of 2019’s planned event, the full line-up which is now revealed below, will provide the pillar to the festival’s iconic identity. A soundscape to flow through the woods, above the trees and across the lake, encapsulating the personality and raw energy Houghton has become known for in its short but legendary history.

Tickets on-sale 10am, Thursday 3rd February

houghtonfestival.co.uk 11th – 14th August ’22

“With great pride we present the program of music for Houghton 2022. Our intention has always been to honour the festival that didn’t happen in 2019. With the return of possibilities we finally have the chance to build upon the joy of year one and two. We look forward to successfully celebrating year three in year six. None of us could have imagined such a suspenseful and prolonged journey to the summit. But get there we shall. Preparations are fully under way, The magic of Houghton will soon return.”

Craig Richards

Houghton 2022 Line-Up

A-Future | Afrodeutsche | Alex Downey | ALFOS (Sean Johnston) | Andy Blake | Appleblim Angie Dixon Antal | Awkward Moments (Live) | Bill Brewster | Begin (live) | Ben UFO | Bill Shakes Billy Nasty | Binh | Bobby. | Bruce | C.A.R (Live & DJ) | Calibre | Call Super | Chris Farrell Chris Sullivan | Christophe | Clive Henry | Colleen Cosmo Murphy | Convextion/ERP (Live) D-Bridge (Live & DJ) | D. Tiffany | Dan Beaumont | Darshan Jesrani | Dave Harvey | Derrick Carter Digby | DJ Masda | DJ Stingray | DJ Three | DJ Storm | DMX Krew (Live) | Do or Die (Live) Doc Martin | Doc Scott | Dr. Horn | Dyed Soundorom | E/Tape | Edward (Live & DJ) | Electro Elvis Elliot Galvin Trio (Live) | Fantastic Twins (live) | Felix Dickinson | Francesco Del Garda | Frank Butters Freakenstein | Freedom Engine (Live) | Fumiya Tanaka | Gene on Earth | Gerd Janson Greg Paulus (Live) | Hamid | Hamish Cole and Toby Nicholas | Hammer | Harri Pepper | Helena Hauff Higher Intelligence Agency (Live) | Hiroto | Horse Meat Disco | Howie B (Live) | Hunee | Intergalactic Gary Ivan Smagghe | Jade Seatle | Jake Manders | Jane Fitz | Jayson Wynters | Jenny Jen | Jerome Hill John T. Gast (Live) | Jon K | Jonny Rock | Josh Cheon | Joy Orbison | Juju & Jordash (Live) Justin Robertson | Kem | Khidja | Kino | Kirsti | Krywald and Farrer | Laura Jones | Lena Willikens Lo Shea | Luca Lozano | Lukas Wigflex | Maarja Nuut & Nicolas Stocker (Live) Maayan Nidam (Live & DJ) | Magda | Magic Mountain High (Live) | Manfredas | Manpower Margaret Dygas | Mariiin | Matthew Halsall (Live) | Michelle (Live) | Midland | Mixmaster Morris Move D | Mr Price | Mr Shiver | Nathan Gregory Wilkins | Neil Landstrumm (Live) | Neville Watson Nick the Record | Nicolas Lutz | Not An Animal | Object Blue | Oli Silva | Omar | Optimo Palms Trax | Pangaea | Peach | Pearson Sound | Peter Adjaye | Peverelist | Pole (Live) | Powder Prosumer | Radioactive Man (Live) | Ralph Lawson | Randall | Raresh | Renata | Rhadoo Ricardo Romaneiro | Ricardo Villalobos | Rob Mello | Roman Flugel | Ruf Dug | Sansibar (Live) Saoirse | Sassy J | Schatrax (Live) | Sepehr (Live) | Seth Troxler | Shane One | Shanti Celeste Silicon Scally (Live) | Silverlining | Skyrager | Sofay | Solar | Sonja Moonear | Soundwalk Collective Steevio and Suzy Bee (Live) | Steve Rice | Stratowerx | Sync 24 (Live) | Taimur Agha | Tasha Terrence Dixon (Live) | The Ghost | The Mole | Tone Dropout | Tristan Da Cunha | Truth and Lies Ultramarine (Live) | Unai Trotti | V-rsion | Vera | Versalife (Live) | Vlada | Vladimir Ivkovic Voigtmann | Wayne Holland | Wes Baggaley | Willow Zip and Craig Richards

Plus Giant Steps

Amit | Aneesh | Belle Bette | Carlos Boix | Cedric Woo | Claude Dousset | Danny Bushes Donna Leake | Eliphino | Fabien Lassonde | Pol Valls | Reda | Scott Pelloux


“I will never forget walking on to site at the first Houghton. It was clear from the off that this was no ordinary “festival”. It’s rare to feel that free in how you play and experience music but everything is geared towards making it an out of body experience for artists and attendees alike and I cannot wait to return”.

Jonny Rock

“Houghton. Hangout of all hangouts. Magic everywhere. First in last out. Woodstock of our electronic generation”


“I think one of my favourite things about Houghton is that it is so well curated that I had a kind of like guarantee that any stage or tent I would end up in I would encounter really quality, you could just stray anywhere and you’ll hear really good music, it takes the festival planning stress away.”

Amit & Aneesh (Giant Steps)

“The first two years at Houghton were unforgettable. Having missed the last three (!), we have come to appreciate how precious those moments with our friends were.”


“The first night I walked into the wooded area of the site, looking up at the trees lit up with coloured light there was a real free party energy and beauty to it all. The magic vibe really wrapped me up. This and seeing Craig’s artwork all around the site and knowing that every attention to detail had been made in the important areas from sound to the line up makes the Houghton experience so special”

Donna Leake

“An annual get down turned up to the maximum! Thank you Houghton and Giant Steps. I can not wait to be back there.”

More Info:

Dates: 11th – 14th August 2022

Location: Houghton Hall, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6UE

Ticket Link: https://ra.co/events/1326673

Website: www.houghtonfestival.co.uk

Instagram: instagram.com/houghtonfestival


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