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Every self respecting electronic fan should already know about this innovative group and accept their influence upon our current scene.

Germanic influencers Kraftwerk were originally formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1969, heralding the beginning of an experimental music era. This group of four were the first to popularise electronic music assisting its ascendance to the mainstream scene. Widely regarded as being one of the most important innovators for the ensuing electronic industry this band of pioneers turned technology into their instrument to formulate genre defining music . First releasing a trio of albums under the genre of experimental rock which was the growing genre at the time before they continued to evolve into a more diverse experimental and electronic soundscape.

” Most of our generation can aptly recite the echoes from many of their now legendary songs whilst emulating their iconic drum stance .”

At this point in time, the music scene changed rapidly, more and more groups experimented with music and their palette and their formats to market, making songs longer and challenging tradition, in parallel to the growing electronic instrument and keyboard market. Kraftwerk emphatically engaged with drum machines, synthesizers, vocoders and other self-made instruments for their performances. Developing a personalised and widely recognised distinction in their sound they aptly paved way for today’s Industrial and Techno scene. Kraftwerk were good at combining electronic music simplicities with pop melodies, keeping a rigid yet eloquent edge fluently transgressing to the more attractive commercial market which translated to extensive record sales.

Many years their inimitable impact and influence can still be heard across multi-genres from pop to the underground. According to sources (apparently) “no other band since the Beatles has given so much to the pop culture”. In 2008 the founder Schneider departure from the group and left the fans in sorrow. With an impenetrable mark on the electronic scene, these icons are hard to forget. Diehard fans, music fanatics and responsible press never will. With a striking independent vinyl scene and underground crossing over into the mainstream once again, we would definitely like to see more of Kraftwerk in whatever capacity possible once again.




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