Loom Releases Debut Album ‘Negative Capability’ 

A beautifully crafted work from Loom that instantly inspires. Immediately finding favour with a run of standout songs, this collection will find fans across the board. Vibrant, eclectic, and well written songs emerge from this debut album. Delivered with quality musicianship and a relatable love of music fuelled by emotion.

Atmospheric and emotional, ‘Negative Capability’ is the beautiful debut album to come from London-based musician Loom. Inspired by poet John Keats’ ideology that prioritises artistic beauty over intellectual certainty, ‘Negative Capability’ sees Loom blossom into a resolute and experimental artist who finds balance in the intricate layering of instruments and melodies. This 13-track album, which evokes a day’s journey from dawn until dusk, was written and recorded in his home studio, making this a fully DIY project. A heady mix of international sounds shine through, in particular Asian sounds (such as in single ‘Three Harps’) which is reflective of Loom’s multicultural heritage. The album creates colourful soundscapes, both rural and urban, which soundtracks varied physical and emotional territories, at times nostalgic, at times sinister.


Release Date: 14th May

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“Rather than imposing a fixed narrative or message, the music is intended to create an ambient background which the listener can engage with on an individual level. Like the drops of water on the petals in the album’s artwork, though, these tracks are also punctuated by moments of clarity, maybe even transcendence.”
Loom is a musician, writer and producer currently based in London. A guitarist since he was 13, Loom has always shied away from formal and rigid teaching structures and instead allows his creativity to flow freely, which has intrinsically shaped his approach to music production. Focusing primarily on acoustic guitars, Loom has developed and expanded his craft into diverse genres, and produces vast and visceral compositions which are truly beautiful and moving. To me, music is the most natural form of creativity” explains Loomwhose stage name brings together ideas of a loom as a means of creative output weaving together different strands, but also of something which looms, possibly menacingly, in the background. ‘Negative Capability’ will be his debut album, following the release of album single ‘Three Harps’ earlier this year.

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