SGT Slicks Familiar Tone Lights Up The Global Charts


Pumping in with a landmark phrase ‘The Night The Lights Went Out’ could almost incite instant flashbacks of the film ‘The day of the triffids’. This in turn could easily be confused with today’s enduring pandemic footprint and the likeness of widespread despair and abandon. Where there is hope, there is change. This song could be a welcome beacon for what’s ahead, and a positive sidestep and diversion from what has been a bleak year so far.

Currently, people are restless, hoping for a positive outcome and some consistency in this ever changing world. Generally this could become a united quest for a better world tomorrow, one which supports the regrowth of nations and starting with the regeneration of clubland and entertainment industries that provides a valuable outlet and connection for so many.

For us, Sgt Slicks timely release could in fact be considered a musical benchmark, or veritable line in the sand, in preparation to move forward. Here to suggest as the title shares an awareness that things may stop, but the world continues to turn. Music equally shifts the vibration and can assist people in a myriad of ways, promoting expression, freedom and a phase beyond what is now abnormal. 

Turning Up The Envelope With A Modern Disco Gem

With this release, SGT Slick delivers an almighty follow up to his global anthem ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ with a colossal tune that’ll instantly lift anyone to their feet and uncontrollably dance. With the world undergoing such a pivotal change, it’s refreshing to see resilient producers and labels step up to the plate to offer an uplifting outlet for clubbers and radio listeners worldwide. 

Firmly shaking off the shackles of lockdowns and confinement, here we have an unapologetic Disco House inspired song that encourages you to stand up loud and proud and sing to your hearts content. Complete with sweeping strings structures and over flowing energy, this song has crossover and commercial hit written all over it. Simply huge and a song we know will be circulating for some time ahead.



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