Thomas Gold Releases Dancefloor Destroyer “You Know”


Thomas Gold is seriously creating some waves with his new songs, which are being released one after another. If that wasn’t enough, his new track “You Know” is available to download for free until 12 July 2017. Not only that but tomorrow, we are expecting a new remix from him. He is seriously bringing it and we cannot wait to see where it takes him.

“You Know” is just over seven minutes long and has been released on Armada Music. It follows up his recently released track, “The Chant”, which has gained over 24,000 plays on Spotify since its release two weeks ago.

Listen To Thomas Gold’s Song “You Know” Here:

Progressive house throughout, “You Know” takes Thomas Gold back to his roots, where he first made an impact on the world. Completely energetic with a club-focused beat, the track is rhythmically pleasing to any clubber, as drop after drop twists the track into something new,

It feels like it’ll never end and you don’t want it to as it continues to transform. Using horn synths, a driving vocal, insistent bass, pulsating drums; Thomas Gold has truly added element after element, interpolating them to create an awesome monster track that demands your attention.

Upon its release, he took to Facebook Live to introduce the track to his fans. He also announced that it was free to download and that “You Know” is a gift from him to you.

Check Out Thomas Gold’s Facebook Live Video Here:

“You Know” by Thomas Gold is available to download for free until 12 July 2017. Otherwise, you can stream the song on Spotify.


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