Three Steps to Cyber Heaven (Digital EP) Review

Released today online, this latest EP from Hong Kong’s King Zausage is set to challenge the context performers entertain, engage and present their craft. Expect a solid 3 track package that transcends standard downtempo soundscapes, providing a balanced mix of enigma, progression and purpose. Below we dissect each of the pieces included, culminating in an edgy release that would be as equally at home across a mix of media and platforms.
The Devine Temptation takes you on a journey bound for Distopian Dub. Vangellis ‘esque in mood it charters its way through chordal progressions lead by hand claps that build towards a more industrial and percussive tribal climax. This is a sonic battle between the divine and the fallen.
Darken Halleluja is a cinematic offering that starts off optimistic in it’s harmony. The square wave lead line is supported with an ethereal counterpart. This evolves with distorted rhythmic elements that later deteriorate and echo the hypocrisy that the composer is perhaps surrounded with in contemporary Hong Kong. This is an electronic dark and broken hallelujah.
The Dark Night Of My Soul brought back images of Kubrics Shining reflecting the haunting soundtrack of Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind. King Sausage builds atmospheres similar to UK producer Burial and maybe influential of Flying Lotus. The pounding thumping rhythms and effective Syncopated drum programming shift gears asking the question is this dark distorted glitchy techno? It is The Dark Night Of His Soul.
King Zausage himself proposes to become the first Christian theologian by producing experimental electronica. By delivering the unusual, underpinned by heavy, dark beats and aggressive, propulsive negative emotions he invites listeners to visit the dark side of his Christian faith. Set in the belief that through experiential and ambient sound design is door to experience heaven itself is avidly unlocked and welcome to all.
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