Top Releases: June-July


This summer marks an exciting time for underground dance music. Innovative, creative and boundary pushing, here are just a few examples of what is on offer-

Hugo Massein – No Return EP – Label: E-beamz – 9th June 

Hugo Massein has made it onto the list for revealing the identity of one track in particular. This is the dynamic ‘Swerve 2’. This is a left-field, bouncy rave weapon that has conjured many a ravers arm in the air, Shazam at the ready. Now, it’s identity has been revealed.

The ‘No Return’ EP has already rolled in at No.2 on the Mixmag’s Big Tunes Chart, alongside countless plays amongst underground house raves. Expect to hear Swerve 2 and accompanying tracks across a range of late night sets this summer. You heard it here first-


Realm of Consciousness Pt.II – Label: Afterlife Records – 16th June

Eagerly anticipated, constantly teased on social media, Tale Of Us compile 12 of the tracks they’ve been playing to great effect over recent months. This takes the form of an impressive and truly singular statement of their sound. In what is the most comprehensive display of the Afterlife sound so far,  ‘Realm of Consciousness’ bottles the spirit of the infamous Afterlife events.

On the playlist, label heads Tale Of Us collaborate with Ovend on the mesmerising ‘Red Sky’, setting the bar for their guests. Acclaimed acts such as Mathew Jonson, Recondite, Woo York and Hunter/Game are amongst a wealth of ability, alongside the likes of Aether, Denis Horvat, Keith Carnal, Per:sona, Black Peters, Darse
and Mathame.

Expect dark, authentic and ethereal techno – An odyssey of the mind and body,  an invitation to travel through the realm of consciousness.

Adana Twins – Flower of Cane – Label: Watergate Records – July 19th

Forthcoming on Watergate Records, Adana Twins return with another stunningly intoxicating release. The Hamburg duo have had a great year so far, with their track ‘Uncompromising’ appearing on Solomun’s ‘Four to the Floor 08’ and all over European raves.

Now, the Adana Twins present ‘Flower Of Cane’. The title track kicks the EP off in an almost sinister fashion with massive low-end bursts underpinned by a piercing and intense continuous single note. The drop on this track is ushered in by what sounds like a digital meltdown, ushering in one of the most exciting sounds of 2017. The sample roots almost sound dubstep tinged- which signifies and interesting and boundary pushing progression for the Twins and the Watergate Imprint.

The EP is full of exciting options, with ‘Ortus’ showcasing dreamy samples and shimmering atmospherics laid over a pulsing bassline. Other tracks include appearances from Jeppe Kjellberg. Andre Lodemann, who present their vision of ‘Relentless’. Seamless tracks with clear commercial appeal. A genre pushing EP of pure originality.

&ME – Avalon EP – Label: Keinemusik – July 15th

The most exciting release on this list is owed to &ME. Released just in time for the festival season, Keinemusik host the tribal force of ‘Avalon’. There have been a number of releases edging towards a percussion dominant, ‘tribal’ sound. This sound has been heard across underground dance music festivals and the dance floors of Sankey’s Ibiza. Examples include ‘Zulu’ by Brigado Crew and ‘Ebertplatz’ by Andhim. Now, &Me have released the finest example of this ‘tribal’ genre.  Find it here.

The flipside of the EP is ‘The Rapture’, which is a different beast in itself. Melodic and easily accessible, this track is much more versatile, yet over shone by the weighty title track.

This is ‘Avalon’, and it is already ruling dance floors. It has such magnetism and intensive power, that it’s live play snaps all in attendance into attention. ‘Avalon’ represents a step towards minimalism, which will be watched closely in 2017, making a stronger appearance across dance floors. Solomun played ‘Avalon’ at a slew of Diynamic events, in particular –Diynamic 2017. You can listen to the best of the best, Dixon, unveil the track below-

An exciting time for music, with so much more to come.

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