Did you know that UK Festivals alone produce 23,500 tonnes of waste, with audiences consuming 10 million plastic bottles per year?

These shocking figures were discussed at the recent International Music Summit in Ibiza. With a panel of key music industry leaders, the conversation focussed mainly on how artists can reduce single use plastic within the music industry and festival circuit. Artist and DJ, BLOND:ISH said “We want to remove single-use plastics from the music industry. Think about small actionable stuff that we can actually get people to do. Let’s change our hospitality riders to be plastic free. The whole point is that we make these tiny steps so we can then move onto the next layer.”

BLOND:ISH at the recent International Music Summit, Ibiza

Festival Season is in full swing and the biggest of them all Glastonbury, is set to open its farm gates tomorrow and is going plastic free with no water being sold in plastic water bottles. Emily Eavis, the co-organiser of the festival and youngest daughter of the founder, Michael Eavis said; “Obviously we are all fighting the fight against plastic, which is an enormous task but well overdue and we need to make steps in the right direction, a vast amount of plastic bottles were gotten through and when you see images of the arena completely covered in old plastic bottles it’s quite haunting.” 

The aftermath of Glastonbury 2017. Major steps have been taken in the last two years to reduce the use of plastic.

Plastic pollution is a global epidemic and considered one of the three top concerns for ocean health. It really does come down to each and every one of us changing the way we live and to echo what BLOND:ISH said, making tiny steps in our own little worlds to help drive change globally. If Glasto can make the change we can all do something to help, but we must act now.

To find out more about how Glastonbury will be making their 2019 festival as green and plastic free as possible, click the link below:


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