White Lynx Releases “Let It Be” Featuring Emberlyon & Radu


White Lynx has dropped his second single on Global Records. “Let It Be” features vocalists Emberlyon and Radu; the latter of which previously featured on White Lynx’s debut single “Feel My Love”, alongside Ivana.

Released on 27 July 2017, “Let It Be” is more of a relaxed track that slowly progresses. White Lynx impresses with his beats and synths, creating a track like no other that is truly infectious.

Radu’s vocals are prominent throughout, whilst Emberlyon becomes overshadowed. The song is about letting life turn out the way it’s supposed to and having a little bit of hope that you’ll find your one and only. It’s cute and full of love. Their harmonies are intricate, yet Radu’s voice is perfection throughout; whereas Emberlyon is much softer and edited, reminding us of Ellie Goulding.

If anything, White Lynx has given us a powerful Eurodance track that we can’t get enough of. This Romanian DJ and producer is proving that he has what it takes to become known around the world; and, we hope to experience a DJ set from him in the future.

Check Out White Lynx’s “Let It Be” Featuring Emberlyon & Radu Here:


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