The Sound of Spring


Every song stirs a specific emotion, some are better than others. Some bring forward the light and joyful feelings of this world while some bring forward our more darker undercurrent. Electronic music can do so much to your mind and soul, especially since there’s rarely any vocals forcing the mix. Without vocals you focus on the rawer elements that create the track and instead feel the musics defined layers.  Electronic music like this is different, you make your own lyrics (or storyline) based on the beats and melodic overlay. When spring announces the snow melting away and you have the summer just around your corner, a simple song can generate a palpable emotion. The excitement of another wonderful season ahead bringing with it unreserved sunshine and good times.

“Some songs have the power to set you in a euphoric state of mind, the ability to turn a bad day into a good one soaked in virtual sunshine. That is of course also why most of us love music, or at least it is for me. It can enhance every feeling you want when listening to the right sounds in the right moment.”

Recently I was walking down the street and as always my electronic selection pumping in my headphones. A song totally transformed my day, from a casual walk on a grey day in Sweden to positive infused view of my surrounds. I could recognise that Spring was coming as my appreciation heightened and I couldn’t help but smile. The song, made by none other than Woo York from the outstanding Afterlife label served up this perfect slice of sunshine via The Valley of Songs.

Check it out here: 



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