“Music is a universal feature of the human experience. It provides a language and culture that we all clearly understand, one love. This is the inherent tribal rhythm in which we all should dance. It provides a reverberating sense of unity and community that will prevail in this messed up modern world” Matt Mode


Our Purpose – Music Motivates

Electric Mode is an online community for individuals and businesses within the electronic music industry. Providing real news and connecting people across the industry, whilst looking after its community through our charity arm ‘Charity Mode.

We provide an online community that is for its people. It’s true to its word in bringing real news about great music and people within the industry.


Why We’re Unique – Encompasses Real News

Lots of news resources show only paid for advertorials or promoted DJs. We are treating all music and events like it’s the first time we have been to it. It’s a flat structure allowing everyone to have an opportunity to have their feature regardless of status, background and following. We are bringing the quality of the music and events back to the forefront, money and popularity is not our motivator.

Complete Resource

We aim to build a complete electronic music resource and through our data hope to inform positive changes within the industry. Our team also provide Digital Asset Management, Marketing Resource Service and Branding services by request.

A Social Platform

We want to make the music industry a community again, allowing accessibility across all levels of experience and skill. Allowing the quality of the music to shine once again, as we grow more functions and channels will become available to our users.

Community is Unity

We want the industry to come together as a collective to help make this world a better place for all those in it. That’s exactly why we focus on charities supporting global issues including famine through to mental health. Our personal approach is to build awareness and transfer information to as many people as possible.