Oldie but Goldie – Knights Of The Jaguar


We look back and nod to the music that formed the techno template of today!

You may or may not have heard of DJ Rolando, a Mexican-American Techno DJ and producer from Detroit. In the early 90´s he began his career in South Beach, Miami servicing a longterm residency at Space club. Recognised as being one of  formative “kings of the terrace” he left a strong and lasting impression on the dance scene that still echoes today. Delivering a certified anthem in the form of his hit Knights of the Jaguar, released originally in 1999 on vinyl for the dominant Underground Resistance he fast claimed his position at the top charts for all respective electronic platforms.

As a surefire highlight from the heritage days of techno, this record is a worthy contender as an underground anthem that still holds current day credibility. Many try to emulate the masterful way it sonically manoeuvres select layers of percussion effortlessly atop melodic elements it ebbs in analogue synchronicity. From the poignant moment the needle hits the record, it immediately evokes the listener to dance and allows you to trip following an emotive lead once it reverberates across the dance floor. This era turned around many significant tracks that still firmly impart the quality of early electronic studio recordings above the clarity and often rigidity of the digital age. I dare you not to dance to this record.


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