Dancefloor manners


Can’t behave, don’t know about personal space, unconsciously spilling drinks, forging to the front of crowds; I have often thought about these reckless reprobates and their capacity to properly perform as an integrative individual on the dancefloor. I have listed some guidelines I strongly feel would benefit these outcasts or to address your wayward behaviours. 

  1.  Don’t get too close, respect the ones around you. But smile to and dance with the ones    around you, it’s a communal thing.
  2.  Don’t wear a backpack. You have no idea what it does to the people behind you.
  3.   If you stand right in front of the scene, for god sake, dance. Or leave the spot for others.
  4.  Making out is nice, and finding or seeing love around you could make us happy. But  please, not in the middle of the dancefloor!
  5. Talking. Do not do that in the middle of a set, and certainly not on the dancefloor. If you have  to talk, do this over a beer in the corner and leave the place for the dancers.
  6.  Queue jumping is a no go! Do not try to cut in line or for the front of the stage if there is no  room. If you find a way through the crowd, try to take it but with a smile and respect for  others immediate space.
  7.  If you smoke, don’t fly around with your cigarette all over the place, Keep track on it, and  don’t burn others. Burning and gurning are really not welcome in clubs.
  8.  Same as above regarding drinks. We don’t like to get wet, except if it’s from our own sweat.
  9.  If you choose to phone a friend or capture the event, try your best not to impede the  environment or kill the vibe of those that are actually their for a good time.

“Next time a few drops fly or your crushed by a fellow reveller throw them a smile (pass this link) and keep on dancing.”

Everyone has been to a festival, club or bar and been affected by someone with a serious lack of social skills. A fellow customer that is either abusive or invasive can be a surefire buzzkill for your night. I’m not trying to come up with rules, regulations or anything like that or to become the overbearing fun police. Of course we all love to freely enjoy ourselves and each contribute to the dancefloor energy yet some people seem to openly elude an awareness or mutual mindfulness for others.

For some of us, these guidelines may seem obvious already or incite guilt as we take onus for previous irritable habits , so these are a few key suggestions to take into consideration. We are all here for the same reasons so any valid points to combine or coerce a better club atmosphere, spread joy and happiness is a positive in my eyes. Together we can make the dance floor rock.



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My Kellner

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, My is a person that takes on life with a smile her face. She loves the raw energy, atmosphere and people found in underground clubs. Anything outside of the ordinary is her raison d'être. Expect a stream unique insights and dynamic enthusiasm to be shared on a regular basis.

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