Be truthful don’t spread “Real Lies” with Bedouin featuring Discern


Everybody has been fooled once or twice; from a friend, a colleague, a family member, or a random person you just met on the street. Sometimes it’s harder than others, especially if it’s of someone you thought you could trust. You can feel so stupid falling for things that later on become obvious weren’t true. We count on people to always be truthful … isn’t that how we are supposed to be? Imagine a society where everybody expects a lie to be commonplace. This certainly isn’t a society I would like to be in. We must know that we can rely upon other people, trust is something that is one of the main components for a good relationship and to extend that relationship with the world, complete honesty with each other.

“Music has often been said to spread a message. It invariably shares the words we often are unable to speak and provide voice and reason to otherwise bewildering situations.”

No one likes a liar except the liars themselves as it helps them meter into the background with a web of deceit. For some people it has gone so far they don’t even notice their lies anymore, it becomes automatic. For some, it can be hard to remember their ever changing their ever changing stories. I have always personally found it hard to be around people that don’t stick to the truth, a warped reality that they need to lie to make themselves look or feel better. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people like this, that paint themselves in an alternate light by lying or twisting the extents of truth. I find this strange and deeply saddening for these kind of people. Luckily these types of characters are fewer than the ones that stick to the channels of truth, their marked difference shines out.

Many artists utilise the medium of music to promote their message or reflect and resolve their personal experiences. The truth may sometimes hurt but in the long run, it is always the best way to go. Honesty is one of the most important things in this universe and we need to take care of it with a guarded nature. It is your choice of how you want to be met by the world, and for what I can say, you can be sure that karma works. Listen to Bedouin – feat. Discern – Real Lies for an apt reflection on my thoughts. 


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Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, My is a person that takes on life with a smile her face. She loves the raw energy, atmosphere and people found in underground clubs. Anything outside of the ordinary is her raison d'être. Expect a stream unique insights and dynamic enthusiasm to be shared on a regular basis.

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