Top 5 Electronic Vinyl Records Of All Time


Everybody loves records, it generates an instant nostalgic buzz just holding on to vinyl. Retracing memories from the past related to a certain time and emotion triggered simply by the cover and even better once the needle hits the groove, instantly converting your mood. Once you step into a place adorned with a classic collection (home, store, bar or recording studio) it denotes a common music appreciation from a DJ, avid collector or even casual listener and sets the perfect atmosphere and visual backdrop, almost begging enquiry.

There are so many record releases out now, that for a beginner it’s hard to even know where to start a collection, the obvious is always your favourites first before the overwhelming sense of achievement and ensuing addiction kicks in. A little like a seaman launching his boat for the first time and tasting freedom before spending a lifetime out at sea. According to there are many special pieces of highly collectable vinyl records and artwork that sit higher on the priority list than others. Everybody has different tastes in music and although your own preferences may differ, according to their online voting system they have amassed a hot list below.

Top 5 Electronic Music Records Of All Time –

1. Massive attack – Blue lines (August 6, 1991)

2. Björk – Homogenic (September 23 – 1997)

3. Dj Shadow – Endtroducing (November 19, 1996)

4. Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner (July 21 – 2003)

5. Burial – Untrue (November 6, 2007)


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