Ride The Oceanic “Waves” With Nora En Pure’s New Single


Set to take Ibiza all around the world is Nora En Pure with her new single “Waves”. She’s currently touring around the globe and has been igniting dancefloors everywhere with her Ibiza vibes.

Using oceanic sounds to really encompass the white isle; “Waves” is not your average Nora En Pure track. She fully switches it up with a predominant piano chord which accompanies the crashing sound of water perfectly.

A sensual male vocal can be heard throughout the track suggesting that you feel free; that you open yourself up and feel like a wave rolling on the ocean. If the beautiful sound wasn’t enough, his voice brings an extra tropical flavour to this impressive song.

Bringing the Mediterranean Sea to the clubs and festivals she plans to attend this year; Nora En Pure has created a magical track, with exotic percussion alongside a bouncy bassline. The song has already been a hit during her recent DJ sets including her Coachella 2017.

The single is available to download on Beatport, and available to stream on SoundCloud. It will be included in Enormous Tunes’ Ibiza Nights 2017 compilation album which will be released on 15 May 2017; whilst the official single is available to pre-order on iTunes, with the release date of 22 May 2017, where we expect it’ll be available to download and stream on other services.

The 2-track single release will also include a “Club Mix” of this single, coming in at over six minutes long – almost double that of the original track. “Waves” is ready to crash onto the dancefloor but are you ready to ride it?

Listen To Nora En Pure’s New Single “Waves” Here:


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