Plastik Funk & Sagan Team Up For “Got No Love”


Plastik Funk is back with a brand-new collaboration with Sagan on this future club hit “Got No Love”. Released on Armada Deep, this song couldn’t come at a better time as the festival season truly kicks in; be prepared to hear this track in DJ sets everywhere as you rave under the sky.

Lighting up the backing track with a powerful rhythm and piano riffs, this song will get anyone moving. The lyrics are ones you’ll end up singing along to by the end of the song, so simple yet they hold so much weight to the song giving it the focus it needs to allow the audience to feel it.

Listen To Plastik Funk & Sagan’s “Got No Love” Here:

Plastik Funk became chart successful in 2014 with a collaboration with Tujamo on the song “Dr. Who!”, which got to number 21 on the UK Singles Chart. It was originally released in 2012 and was played often by Avicii, who certainly helped with the promotion. Later the song was re-released with vocals from Sneakbo, which sent the song to its peak position in the UK.

Now they have this new one with Sagan, fully proving the summer sunshine is out and the festival season has truly begun. “Got No Love” is available to download and stream now.


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