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Up2Us hosted its first weekly Wednesday residency this year at the islands most favoured eclectic venue Las Dalias. What lies ahead is a unique concept contrary to the already burgeoning club scene. This event holds the definable chalice of change, nourishing creative expression with art, theatrical performance  and interactive experiences that provide an aural and visual treat. Fluidly flowing into the early evening, they play homage to world music and encourage cultural community with tribal songs set amongst the sacred fire centrepiece, which is ignited and maintained by selected fire keepers. As the sun begins to set, hypnotic beats reverberate through the system courtesy of the islands key players and international DJs including Rico Loop. Dandara, ELEA and many more. The crowd responds in kind, actively dancing with reckless abandon and encouraging the music to continue.

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Hosted by the islands creative community this is a collaborative effort that has been curated and co-created, all joining forces to bring an interactive music event unlike anything else on the social calendar. Filled with live performances, showcases, world music and DJs across four stages, there is also an extensive marketplace and kid’s area that make this a well rounded, family friendly experience. As the name pronounces, what’s next is entirely Up2Us! The acceptance of all ages into the venue keeps the innocence and energy vibrating throughout this community driven event, it’s heart warming to see parents, children and their grandparents enjoying the Ibiza sun and collectively dancing to electronic beats and alternately participating in sacred songs. Up2Us is an equality of all genders, race and ages, there’s no VIP and that’s the way in our opinion, Ibiza should always be!

Posted by Up2Us Ibiza on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The opening, clearly showed a divide between modern and commercial Ibiza and casually compared what a utopian reality should actually be. The production was a fantastic array of live performances and heartfelt highlights, fully immersed and engaged with the crowds, creating a bonding collaboration between guests and the performers. This is undeniably the way to move the scene forward in a conscious and collaborative effort, where you move from the stance of being a spectator to become an active participant as the accomplished actors and guest performers metaphorically take your hand and lead you to be part of the show.

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The natural flow of this event is exciting to partake, openly lending itself towards a festival feeling, counter playing the key components of dance, play, connection and creativity, letting you unleash your inner character and freely form your own experience.

Opening Fire Ceremony Photo Credit Phrank Photographics www.phrank.net

Why should it be Up2Us?
To sum this up, we love food, which is equally serviced by sustainable and healthy market options. Secondly,  we love to dance and that is well and truly catered for by a selection of the islands best DJs chosen for their unique variance and quality of dance floor delivery. We see this becoming the beating heart of a new Ibiza, returning to community and connection, providing a piece of identity for everyone to harness. What better way to spend your Wednesday night relaxing in the moment before dancing until the sun sets and the stars align. This is a definable breath of fresh air, returning to dancing outdoors with vibrant and purpose filled people from all walks of life. In our terms, this is exactly what Ibiza needs and is really Up2Us to support and share this style of immersive and inspiring happenings whilst in their infancy. The combination of ‘club’ and ‘community’ should aptly rejoin and refocus to incite experiential and experimental elements inviting a whole new template to the standard clubbing territory.


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