Joining the Ibiza RESISTANCE


The newest addition to the Island takes place in the World’s biggest club.

The global brand and affiliate of Ultra Music make their Ibiza debut, bringing many of the hardest in house and techno together in a series of weekly events.


A step inside of Privilege transports the partygoer into what feels like a dormant spaceship. The ship has been commandeered by Resistance – and the staff are not happy about it! The first thing that hits you are the lights- which in their dozens, oscillate wildly, picking out silhouettes of individual ravers amongst the thousands present.

Descending the stairs to the main room, the surroundings match that of the inside of the Death Star landing deck. This goes some way in painting a picture of its size. Yet, unlike the Death Star, Privilege is plunged into darkness. The aesthetic matches the music on show- which is big room pounding techno.

Taking a trip to The Terrace (room 2), Carlo Lio unearthed drum riddled tech vibes- a softer approach to the thunderous techno championed by headliners Sasha and John Digweed. Sasha and Digweed demonstrated how to mix properly, spinning dark weapons, highlighting the virtue of true experience and mastery of the art of DJing.

This dark feel was clearly something championed by Resistance. It matched the sound of Matador perfectly. The Irishman was rolling out the big guns, with a huge live set. Trained as a chef, sound engineer & music producer, Matador is clearly used to getting things to the right level. Live sets can be risky, but Matador has had years of experience in the field- delivering his unique synth layered techno tracks with the right amount of menace.

Matador’s bold build-ups were contrasted perfectly with the breathtaking visuals of Privilege (see below). The live aspect of his work gave a more personal feel to the show, making it the stand set out of the night. The unpolished veneer of a live set gives greater unpredictability and genre bending elements to the method. Amongst the  explosion of energy and cheers, Matador was in his element.



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