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Urban legends can sometimes be formed by entertaining a diverse mix of reality, imagination and fabrication, yet in clubland it is hard earned and often takes a very long time to mature into a movement that beholds respect and admiration in equal measure. Harvey’s behemoth return to an influential status equals that of the proverbial phoenix rising from near obscurity that parallel’s his trademark sound and is now receiving a global acclaim once again after finding his spiritual home at the iconic Pikes in Ibiza.

Widely known for his mesmerising and mind altering DJ sets, historically he has appeared across the world and now he is back with a transcendent disco sound that is epitomized by his Ibiza appearances. His night aren’t about pleasing the trainspotting fraternity of the DJ world, but are aimed specifically at the dancefloor connoisseurs that love to remain firmly planted on the dancefloor until the sun comes up after a very intimate and detailed night of pure, unadulterated clubbing.

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This album marks not only the launch of Pikes as a label but further signifies them as one of the final bastions of Balearic and unique electronic meets disco vibes on one of the world’s most important musical stages. Expect 12 tracks plucked straight from Harvey’s own record box and innovative mind. The condensed detonations of disco are enhanced by the alternate envy of world music that remolds the lost world of inspiration, meets innovation, meets perspiration. Throughout the past few summers the Pikes and Harvey’s combination have accrued a collective buzz on the islands music scene, imprinting the individual stance of quality above quantity often favoured by the dominant Techno and House clubs that drive the seasonal shift. It’s without surprise that both venue and DJ/ curator have gone the extra mile to encapsulate the most poignant moments from his multi-dimensional club nights.

The album starts with ‘Next to You’ by Locussolus one of DJ Harvey’s lesser known aliases, as you listen you step into the strategic time warp that Harvey relentlessly delivers each time he steps behind the decks, before being blown away by Elkin & Nelson by Albran Paso, a fiery latin track infusing the ever important exotic elements aligned with drama and conviction music aficionado’s will recognise. Selecting loops from a long-forgotten Spanish dance record and turning it into a rolling, late night chugger  you can almost feel the tension between an imaginary Matador and bull, for us there is no resistance just smiling faces ready to fill the club wherever this reverberates.

Following the Spanish infused Ahoa we fall directly into an 80s style French styled workout, in the form of ‘I’m Not Scared – Disco Edit.’ At times this could potentially reach an over saturated sonic moment but none-the-less very catchy with a sly hook laden body you would most certainly hear in one of Harvey’s monolithic midnight sets.

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Next up comes a standout track we’d prefer stayed uncovered by the mainstream, Idjut Boys – One for Kenny, one of Electric Mode’s all time favourites. This track needs no lyrics, it’s a perfect mix of moodiness and dark, deep chords taking you on journey of clubland bliss. Remaining a solid groove that effortlessly ebbs you reach a taste of discordant balance in the latter part of the track before seduce you into the perfect ending, dub done well. Follow forward we hear the tones of Roberto Rodriguez on Mustat Varjot with a retro rated Balearic disco hit, throwing you some of the all important melody that underpins much of today’s current popular house music.

Sliding into the instantly recognisable, Van McCoy – Spanish Boogie, be prepared for a solid 70s workout that enters with playful trumpets from the offset, oozing the definitive feel good factor before winding down to the down tempo gem of El Mar Y La Luna – Lovefingers Remix. This is a nature infused track with a co-ordinated country styled base, set in the depths of the outback … this tune provides raw, mysterious elements unlike the rest of the album, distinct yet very cohesive in the special glue Harvey utilises to present this package.

The enigmacious energy continues but with a modernised twist as we venture into Dj Pippi’s -Glitters of Ibiza, keeping a resounding guitar-led focus that translates between the US countryside and back into the Iberican campo. You can imagine how this replicates the romantic sounds of the famous Ibiza hills, set deep in the pinewood forests and filled with the original freeform spirit.

The mysterious musings of tracks 7 and 8 prep the concerted upbeat, high energy tune of Tony Esposito – Danza – dell’acqua. This strictly goes to reinforce the playful nature of DJ Harvey’s sets at Pikes as any of the season visitors will attest. With a strong percussive theme this could almost remind you of the ‘Hippy’ drumming circles of Benirras, before being lured into the Love Mechanica as we explore the sounds of the late 80’s. This wears a Rubik’s cube on its sleeve. Catchy but not our favourite track on the album which can be quite busy and disjointed in part yet up keeps the game of engagement set out by Harvey.

As we enter the last part of the album the tone completely changes from dancefloor inspired hits to his extended daytime poolside grooves. Tore Sorenson ‘She’s A Lady’  holds some similarities to Beegee’s with a flamenco twist, great grooves without the wigs. We then move into Invisible_College – ‘Fadeout’ a solid instrumental killer that keeps the same theme with a clearset intention to wrap up the album, what a winner.

The Sound of Mercury Rising Verdict
Overall a solid album, the Electric Mode team give it at 8.5/10. The choice of tracks for the first half of the album are impeccable and overall tells a consistent story. A few of the tracks could have been changed in order to scoop the full Electric Mode 10/10 but falls short of our personalised taste. However, a huge thumbs up from the Electric Mode Team as it uniquely encompasses the true Balearic feel often lost on the current scene. The mix of genres and eras in one album are inspiring and we feel something DJ Harvey and Pikes should both be incredibly proud of. We already can’t wait to see Harvey’s return to the white isle and continue to push the envelope of the burgeoning electronic scene.

Track List
01. Locussolus – Next To You (Marcy Rising Edit)
02. Elkin & Nelson – Abran Paso-Ahoa (Enrolle)
03. Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix)
04. Idjut Boys – One For Kenny
05. Roberto Rodriguez – Mustat Varjot
06. Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony – Spanish Boogie
07. The Project Club – El Mar Y La Luna (Lovefingers Remix)
08. DJ Pippi feat. Antonio M Jemenez – Ibiza World Inspiration
09. Tony Espocito – Danza Dell’Acqua
10. No ID – Love Mecanica (Not Love Game)
11. Tore – She’s A Lady
12. Gatto Fritto – Invisible College

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