Innovative Tinnitus Treatment Provides Instant Peace For Long Term Sufferers


Finally there seems to be a new approach and verified treatment plan to address the long-term industry ailment of tinnitus and it’s deliberating components. With a clear-set intention to turn this honed hindrance into a mere manageable thing of the past Doctors have initiated experiments that are already returning positive results.

By disrupting a subjects brain signals (which is considered to be the primary source of the ailment denoted by it’s ringing sounds) Doctors feed a stream of metered impulses and tones directly into the targets ears via earphones. Next, alternating the mild electrical pulses that are placed with taped electrodes directly to the neck and face of the patient changes have been immediately documented. There is an approximate of one in ten people that currently suffer from this noise-induced affliction.

Initiating a month long trial twenty subjects were chosen with a variance of tinnitus complaints and complexity. Eleven of these people reported their main symptoms were reduced with a lesser amount saying they had disappeared completely. It showed that an overall velocity and intensity dropped from 54 to a far lesser 39db on average throughout the full treatment program. The professor charged with the clinical trials Tim Griffiths suggests this could become a major step for minimally invasive treatment in the future.


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