Magic Door Dives Into The Deep Blue
Words: Matt Mode
May 7, 2017

As they say with swimming, it is always best to jump in at the deep end and if you are new to the Magic Door experience, we would highly suggest you prepare by clearing your mind so you can fully experience this magical event.

If a magical experience was a motivator, then this is one party that never fails to deliver. Amassing a consistent five years of fun-fuelled themed parties is quite an achievement these days considering every event is primarily sold-out in advance. Yet, Magic Door has continued to be both innovative and engaging without the reliance upon name driven line-ups although many great DJs have graced their decks. Good music goes a very long way, as does an unbeatable vibe and each and every party this team of merry pranksters run; always delivering a wry smile of reminiscence and ultimate enjoyment from any of their attendees.

Imagine, if you will, arriving at a party that’s reputation firmly precedes itself. Expect to be greeted at the front door of this event with a handful of magic beans and a world of smiles. Next, the overarching party Guardian of the Door (GoD) introduces you to the actual magic door through which you enter before being met by a harem of Crafty Girls dressed in everything from burlesque to an array of themes conjured by the ever-inventive team. Finally, onto your magic makeover, full of glitter and fancy dress to which all barriers are promptly broken down and you are prepared to enter a party of Willy Wonka proportions, making long lasting friendships, and dance floor memories to last a veritable lifetime.

Generating a resounding love for the innocuous energy they provide alongside the unbridled freedom that is actively encouraged, showcases the reason why Magic Door is consistently featured in the press. If you are looking for something magically out of this world to experience in 2017 then Electric Mode would sincerely suggest Magic Door events; see how magic and glitter can transform your night into one that you’ll never forget. Prepare for the unexpected and a soundtrack aimed directly at the dancefloor covering essential funk edits, nu-disco through to elementary deep house to twist your mind. If you’re ready for a different clubbing experience, filled with magic, then we expect to see you at one of the Magic Door events. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for their upcoming shows, their latest sold-out show was at The Garage in London on 31st March.