Sankeys Birmingham Plans To Rave All-Day & All-Night
Words: Matt Mode
May 7, 2017

UK born clubbing icon Sankeys have announced their second Birmingham event for 2017. Their official Facebook page reveals a scheduled date for their all-day/all-night rave for Saturday 13 May 2017 with first release tickets all sold-out within 24 hours; the next release was on 31 March 2017.

After a very successful opening event on 11 March 2017, which saw a line-up including Tania Vulcano, Darius Syrossian, and Martinez, as well as Sankeys All-Stars Lee Walker, Bontan, Kydus, and Josef K; the brand has decided to host a second event which has received a much bigger response than the first. The line-up includes Secondcity, Bontan, Max Chapman, Sooney, GW Harrison, and The Mistaa.

Birmingham, considered a UK city that is fast advancing in many sectors. Already housing some of the countries most revered club nights and venues which include The Rainbow Venues – currently listed in the world’s top 100 according to industry DJ Magazine; and, Digbeth Dining Club at Spotlight. The placement of Sankeys club further supports the evolution of this previously industrial founded city. The buoyancy of the local music and hospitality scene is continuing to thrive and many of the world’s most prominent brands across all industries are starting to take note as the current avalanche of new buildings and businesses clearly show.

First opening in Manchester 1994, before reaching across to Ibiza for inspiration, Sankeys soon progressed onto the global stage. New York (which is now closed) followed, then onto Tokyo before returning to home to the UK, setting up in Essex and now Birmingham. The Sankeys brand has gone on to win many awards and is now considered an underground institution to many. With an insightful track record of what people want and prominent finger on the pulse, we are sure to see Sankeys continue to grow in notoriety and capacity over the following years. Now with a Midlands location, Sankeys is sure to settle within the heart of Birmingham’s club scene.