EDX Combines Past & Future With “Feel The Rush”
Words: Matt Mode
May 13, 2017

You know that the Ibiza season is upon us when infectious songs, like this one, are released. EDX’s new single “Feel The Rush” is a past meets future deep house track that easily captures the white isle summer.

Heavy piano chords start the track off, accompanied with a typical 00’s house male vocal that seriously takes us back. This song was on a collision course of nostalgia until the filthy bass and indulgent beats kick in, shooting us straight into the future.

A sensual trumpet differentiates past, present, and future, whilst the percussion pulsate throughout. The vocals are on point, constantly adding the familiarities of the 00’s era; yet, the track still manages to surprise us towards the end as a snippet of a female vocalist spins this track up before anyone gets used to it.

If this sound wasn’t tropical enough; there’s some subtle drums heard in the background, whilst the percussion dominates in the second-half.

If anything “Feel The Rush” will be the embodiment of the Ibiza Summer 2017. Bringing a whole new flavour to deep house, and giving it a twist like we’ve never heard before; along with an incredible journey blurring the musical waves of the past, the present, and the future.

Listen To EDX’s “Feel The Rush” Here: