Ancient Futures – NewEarth Festival – A new age of festivals arise
Words: Sunita Dhaliwal
May 22, 2017

Last month, over five days, the initiatory Ancient Futures – NewEarth Festival took place, in Bali. Over 40 nations took part in the experience of music, dance, healing, talks, and workshops, truly bringing everyone together. Music always manages to do just that.

One of the most anticipated festivals of the year, the celebrations of Ancient Futures – NewEarth Festival started on Wednesday 5th April with a ceremony held by the Ancient Futures Wisdom Keepers. Officiating the opening was the High Priestess of Bali, Ida Resi. Prayerformance, a spiritual ritual dance, lit the stage as the sky turned to night with seven sensational performers opening the space for the festival. Samuel J, who was born in Cornwall and currently lives in the states, presented a melodic and eclectic downbeat set, this all led up to Jane Chen, accompanied with Balinese musicians, closing the first day with a charming and celestial show.

As the festival continued, each day encompassed a theme of one of the key elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Movement, vibration, and resonation was all guaranteed by their incredible line-up of musical guests. The artists that performed were from all four directions of the world, crossing genres and music in such an incredible way.

The music program was curated by David Block and included Sufi Qawalli music from Fanna Fi Allah to electronic acts, Dirtwire from America, and Tora from Australia. Music wasn’t the only performance at this festival, we also got to see a range of aerialists, fire dancers, painters creating their art live, and stunning live visuals from Mark Lee.

Other acts included The Human Experience which is an electronic project from David Block; saQi who fuses a range of genres into his music; performance group Metamorphosis; Shamans Dream performed music as a prayer for healing, transformation, love, and happiness; DJ Lo Qi provided multi-dimensional dance music; and Wild Sirenda who are a dj and vocalist duo; amongst so many other amazing acts.

Apart from all this, ground-breaking news was the launch of free energy generator QT-PI publicly for the first time. It consists of two copper coils and a high frequency generator, creating a magnetic vortex; this then can be plugged into your standard electricity output, amplifying it by 300-400%.

The festival managed to establish its own identity in a world of where festivals are commonplace. It was regarded as a breath of fresh air and has certainly proved to be one that established respect, connection, understanding, love, and community from the attendees creating a calming atmospheric event.