Birmingham Pride 2017 Dance Arena Was The Place To Be
Words: Matt Mode
June 5, 2017

This time last week I was checking out of my hotel after a full-on weekend. I was immersed in the fun festivities of Birmingham Pride 2017; the event celebrated 50 years of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK. They previously announced the acts and DJs performing months earlier; there were plenty of iconic DJs planning to take to the stage of the Dance Arena.

I knew from the announcements that this year, the Dance Arena would be the place to be. I didn’t catch all the iconic acts, and I am still gutted that I didn’t catch any of Todd Terry’s DJ set; however, the ones I did get to see, knocked it out the arena.

As soon as we arrived on Saturday, the Dance Arena was our very first stop because Official Nancie was raving it up. The arena may have been mostly vacant, but Official Nancie brought it like no other DJ that weekend. She easily created waves with her amazing DJ set that had us all dancing in the open space obsessed with the range of songs she sent out to us. Thank you, Official Nancie, for truly starting our Pride weekend in style.

We returned to the Dance Arena on the night; this time around it was totally crowded with many people clubbing it up with Sandi G’s DJ set. We expected unforgettable tunes, and Sandi G brought just that; it totally geared us up for a night of clubbing.

We may have only seen two DJs on Saturday, but those two DJs proved how special this venue is for Birmingham Pride. The Dance Arena became our newest addiction, one we couldn’t get enough of when Sunday came around.

Our first Dance Arena DJ set we saw, was towards the end of the afternoon, when the monumental Kissy Sell Out was pumping out tunes for days. He literally was the guy who brought electronic music to the UK and he even had his own Radio 1 show; he was such an influential force for electro music. As soon as his name was announced; I knew it was going to be a DJ set not to be missed, and that’s exactly what this was. He definitely didn’t disappoint.

Check Out Some Of Kissy Sell Out’s Set Here:

Not an easy act to follow, Marc Spence was next on the Dance Arena stage. His set certainly switched up what we have previously heard, making the arena fresh and original. As his set continued, it progressed more and more, and by the end, we didn’t want him to leave.

Who better to follow Marc Spence, than The Stickmen. Lighting up the Dance Arena, literally, in their LED stickmen costumes; this DJ duo brought the fun to their set like no other. Not only did their costumes light up, but they also brought LED drums that lit up in time to the music. This act totally shined bright; and the set was fire throughout, bringing the songs we all knew and loved to the Dance Arena.

Check Out The Stickmen On The Birmingham Pride 2017 Dance Arena Stage Here:

We returned one last time on Sunday night, where we experienced Joe Hunt’s DJ set. Once again, our night was sorted in the Dance Arena as we started to prepare for another night of clubbing. It was completely crowded and Joe Hunt seriously gave us the songs we needed to hear to truly start our night off.

Birmingham Pride 2017 Dance Arena fully impressed to no end, and who knows how they’re going to top this next year. What we do know is that the Dance Arena is going to be the place to be as each year comes around.