Sam Feldt and Lush & Simon Releases “Fade Away” Featuring Vocals From Inna
Words: Matt Mode
June 9, 2017

Today, Sam Feldt has dropped his new single in collaboration with Lush & Simon, titled “Fade Away” which features vocals from Inna. The song is set to become the summer anthem of 2017, as it garners global attention urging DJs to include this infectious number in their sets.

All three artists have been teasing the track over the past couple of weeks via their social media profiles; exciting their fans and certainly creating a buzz around the song. An accompanying lyric video, created by Dzanar has also been released alongside the single. It follows a similar theme to that of the single cover artwork; as well as including clips from concerts, tours, meet and greets, and amongst others from the artists.

Watch The Lyric Video To Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon’s “Fade Away” Feat. Inna Here:

Starting off slowly, as the opening lyric commands, Sam Feldt with Lush & Simon brings a progressive track with a definite club vibe. Oozing with summer sunshine in a chilled-out beat, the song is very reminiscent of Sam Feldt’s global chart hit “Show Me Love”.

Inna’s vocals are sultry throughout with so much meaning behind every single one. As per usual, her vocals are fierce, emotive, and passionate. As for the track, it tones down completely for the chorus, letting Inna’s vocals thoroughly shine, before kicking it full-throttle with energy and bass; whilst still maintaining the sensual rhythm and melody.

If anything, this song deserves to be on DJ sets around the world. It’s available now through Spinnin’ Records to download and stream. A music video has been promised by Sam Feldt, himself. We also expect a remix EP later on in the year.

(Feature photo taken at Ziggo Dome at the live premiere of “Fade Away” – Sam Feldt’s Instagram)