Highlights Of International Music Summit Day 2
Words: Matt Mode
June 1, 2018

Day two of the summit hosted a discussion about the drugs problem at the music events where the panel formed by industry professional from the UK shared their view on drug testing. “In the UK we have the highest drug fatality rate in Europe”, revealed Fiona Measham. The panel focused on raising awareness about the issue and discussed ideas on how to avoid fatalities and promote healthy partying among young audience.

A very interesting part of the second day of the conference was also a discussion on Emerging Party Destinations. As Ibiza every year is becoming more expensive and far less affordable for younger audience, the panel presented less-popular but very attractive alternative party destinations across the world. Among the emerging destinations for electronic music fans were Morocco, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Mexico presented as more affordable places to party. BLOND:ISH, (Vivie-Ann Bakos, Artist, Canada) shared a story on how Tulum in Mexico, from being a small coastline town with little to none night-life has evolved into a desirable party destination.

Nowadays, a paradise location offers its visitors multiple EDM events and festivals, moving with a trend of the day parties at beach bars. The panel also highlighted the importance of sustainability and responsible partying and shared ideas on how to reduce waste and promote plastic-free movement at the events.

The day two part at the Hard Rock Hotel closed with a rooftop event hosted by the Association for Electronic Music, gathering attendees for drinks at sunset to celebrate 5 years of the organisation.

Most anticipated part of the day two was undoubtedly an interview with the Black Coffee team, where South African artist shared a story of his first steps of a DJ journey while he was a student and the difficulties he faced at the beginning of his career. Now Black Coffee is a resident DJ in Hi Ibiza, performing in front of hundreds of party animals every Saturday night. The artist shared his dream about ‘the Ultimate Black Coffee experience’ on the island where he would be performing accompanied by a live orchestra as he used to do in his homeland. Black Coffee also did not forget to mention how grateful he is to be so well-received on the island and thanks his ‘no-fear’ team for the support.

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