Ibiza, A Music Mecca No More?
Words: Matt Mode
November 16, 2018

Music is the essence of Ibiza – from the hippy hand drum to the beats of electronica, music is what attracts people to the beautiful White Isle. Locals, residents and tourists alike have been dancing on the sand by day and into the club by night for well over 30 glorious years.

Is Ibiza close to having its final dance though? In recent years strict regulations have been set by the local authorities clamping down on outdoor parties insisting that music be capped as low as 65 decibels – slightly louder than a normal conversation but quieter than most vacuum cleaners. Music. Capped. 65 decibels? Unfortunately, you read correctly. Those three words and number just formed part of a very sad sentence for Ibiza.

One of the famous Sa Trinxa Beach Parties.

Sa Trinxa, one of the islands most loved and well known beach daytime parties found itself having to fall in line with such regulations this year with a ‘leveller’ being installed to monitor the venues volume.  Manager Álvaro said, “People come here because of the music, I like quiet places on my day off but this is Sa Trinxa.”

It seems venues such as Sa Trinxa and even the hidden gems of the Island that represent the original Ibiza experience are having their most important ingredient taken away from them – the music. Of course, you can still party by night and enjoy dancing into the early hours in some of the worlds biggest nightclubs but if you prefer a daytime party with great music and the sand between your toes, well, it’ll sadly be a struggle to find from now on.

“It’s music, not noise. I want regulation, not persecution. I want smart and custom regulation. For Ibiza to keep ringing.”

Some of the residents and tourists of Ibiza, however, are not going to have the music taken away form them without their own song and dance on the matter. A campaign has launched in recent months to protest the strict anti-noise law receiving over 1000 signatures within its first 12 hours of going live. Musica Si En Ibiza (Yes To Music In Ibiza), is an Ibizan Facebook community group which now has over 3500 signatures and over 4000 page likes. Within a week of its launch, it saw two protest videos go viral across Ibiza, one of which you can see here:


The video was captioned beautifully with, “It’s music, not noise. I want regulation, not persecution. I want smart and custom regulation. For Ibiza to keep ringing.”

Time will tell if Ibiza is allowed to keep “ringing” but we’re firmly behind and support the Musica Si En Ibiza movement, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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