Ibiza Donates Holidays For European Healthcare Workers
Words: Mike Media
August 6, 2020

Ibiza may be small but recent activity shows they are definitely an innovative community, with a resilient spirit given the recent global crisis. They are prepared to step up and incite action for European Healthcare Heroes as a way of saying thank you for their continued work to keep us all safe, providing emergency care for extended periods even at personal risk, and helping to address some of societies most harrowing moments in decades.

A charitable initiative set up on the island of Ibiza called Together for Healthcare Heroes is on a defined mission to give back to those healthcare workers across Europe that have selflessly helped us all, even at risk to themselves and their own immediate loved ones. The Covid 19 crisis continues to impact people globally, with every country reporting major losses of life, whilst medical teams collectively strain to restore and sustain the health and wellbeing of our population.  

Set up by local entrepreneurs, homeowners, residents and businesses, who are collectively aiming to provide 10,000 holidays across Europe for healthcare workers in 2021. Property owners have already donated their homes, hotels are gifting rooms and flights are being paid for directly through the fundraising activity and sponsorship, for the purpose of giving thanks to those on the front line of the pandemic crisis. This campaign is endorsed by the Consell d’Eivissa and has ignited over 60 participating home and hotel owners to date, all kindly offering their private properties, alongside local Real Estate agencies with an expectation the target will be achieved by December 2020. Local luxury hotels have already come on board,  including Aguas de Ibiza, OD Hotels and Concept Hotel Group. Whilst this initiative has been created in Ibiza, it is inclusive by working with other European destinations so that healthcare workers can enjoy holidays in many beautiful places across Europe.

Prof. Olivier Borens, part of the Advisory Board comments

‘The medical profession has faced one of the hardest years in history. I am very proud to be part of this initiative that recognises this and is celebrating all those working in a hospital. They are bringing people together from all walks of life, all with one goal, to give thanks to Healthcare Heroes.’

This initiative promotes the true values, spirit and aspirations that Ibiza is known for. The island has long been considered a connector between cultures and nationalities across the globe. The Together For Healthcare Heroes project aims to amplify this connectivity further during a period when we have faced severe impacts on society, isolation and hardship. The international community connected to Ibiza will be responsible for activating positive action across Europe. There are already plans in action to expand this initiative across Europe, using Ibiza as the blueprint; allowing healthcare workers the chance to experience many different European destinations. 

Brigitte, one of the Founding members of Together For Healthcare Heroes comments 

‘This was an idea born in Ibiza, during a period of great adversity. It all started with a simple question ‘How can we say THANK YOU to those who put their own lives at risk for us? What we created is exactly that, heartfelt and from Ibiza for Healthcare Heroes.’

To join this powerful movement visit the T4HH site to find out how you can help today. 

About Together For Healthcare Heroes 

Together For Healthcare Heroes is a charity initiative set up to give thanks to healthcare workers all across Europe. Focusing on driving change by celebrating and rewarding those who put our community, family and friends first during the COVID 19 outbreak. Unprecedented times highlight exceptional people. The Together team thank those who we have trusted with our lives, by gifting them our homes in Ibiza and across Europe. Our mission is to provide 10,000 holidays for Healthcare Heroes in 2021.

Support, donate, participate today. 



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