St. Desmen Releases Latest Single ‘The Drift’
Words: Mike Media
June 17, 2021
You can aptly tell the Summer months are firing ahead when energetic tracks set the pace for clubs to reopen and DJs set forward to support a throng of breakthrough producers. Stepping into the fold, here we have an adept piece from St. Desmen that has a distinct commercial edge, whilst being underpinned by a well produced pumping energy.
Argentinian producer and DJ, St. Desmen, releases his brand new single, ‘The Drift‘. Brimming with electronic beats, ethereal female vocals and techno synths, this single is a rave classic, which is best played at top volume. ‘The Drift’ is a track in which its intensity grows until the last moment, inspired by genres such as Future Rave or EDM, and it seeks to reach the listener in a direct way.

Hailing from Argentina, but based in Spain, St. Desmen is already a huge force to be reckoned with; a huge collection of well received tracks already under his belt, this producer is only going up. Having played in different bands throughout his life, and being a drum teacher, St. Desmen has a huge range of influences and genres in which he uses in his track, such as Dub, Deep House, Minimal, Techno, as well as Melodic EDM.

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