Ibiza Sunsets & Summer Vibes With Juan Amigo
Words: Mike Media
July 7, 2021

As the world returns to travel and clubland starts to reset, Ibiza remains one of the most pivotal musical stages for the electronic scene. Once again legions of DJ’s set their site on making a mark upon the industry, and with the island rearing to relaunch a new fold of talent steps forward ready to entertain the masses. For us, it’s all about the quality, so our quest to discover refreshing acts continues and allows us to highlight a few hidden gems along the way. One such artist that’s slipped across our radar recently is Juan Amigo.

Taking the opportunity to get to know a little more about Juan, we sit down and find a  relatively unassuming, but highly talented and diverse DJ. It’s a pleasure to find no supercharged ego, but in place someone who clearly loves music and entertaining. As Ibiza starts to kick once again, you’ll spoon be hearing him across the local airwaves and positioned at all the right parties this Summer.

Your performance and real name are the same, it already sounds familiar. Where do you currently live?

Yes, Juan Amigo. My home is in Ibiza.

Introduce yourself in one sentence…

Positive minded free spirit that has a passion for music.

Were you connected with music from a young age, or anyone in particular inspired you?

Yes, I was connected with music since very little, my mother was always listening to classical music and opera and she was an amazing pianist (almost professional)

What actually kickstarted your DJ career?

Parties with friends as of 14 years. I was always playing the music at parties. I started with double deck cassette players.

You’ve been playing many years and also featured on some iconic radio stations, any words you want to share to encourage other artists and DJ’s?

Just live you dream of playing music for others and be true to yourself and to your DJ’ing style. Play the music that triggers emotions within you. Not what it is supposed to be “in” or is in fashion at a given moment. If you play music that triggers deep emotions in you, you will be able to send and transmit these emotions to the crowd and they will feel them as well. This is the magic of DJ’ing in my humble opinion. Having said this, adapt your style and music taste to the relevant venue (where you play) and music taste in that venue or crowd.

Networking, consistency, character, polite approach… what and how do you initiate your relationships?

I am a quite open and sociable person. Just by being myself.

Is there anyone in specific you’d like to thank that’s helped you evolve and how?

My reference that has helped me to evolve is a friend and Barcelona based and very reputed DJ Luis Costa (former DJ Lui) who is also a music journalist and writer of 2 books about the Spanish music scene in Valencia in the 80’s and early 90’s (Bacalao) and in ibiza (Balearic). Also my friend Marc Escursell from Barcelona, who has been also a very reputed DJ there for many years with an exquisite taste in music.

Name 5 labels that have ignited your sets?

Kompakt, Ed Banger, Kitsune, Ninja Tune, Warp, Defected.

What’s your favourite piece of kit in the studio or DJ booth?

The full Dj booth, I love turntables and CDJ’s and also have an Allen & Heath mixer is incredible to work, delivering a great sound.

Your favourite club or festival and why?

Sonar. Always innovating. Super well organised. Amazing music always.

Favourite clubbing memory and who did it involve?

I remember the first Sonar’s of the 90’s in Barcelona with Laurent Garnier and Orbital.

 If you could play any venue, where would it be and why?

I would like to play at any of the Spanish festivals like FIB, Primavera Sound or more little ones (does not have to be a super big festival; there are a lot in Spain). I would like to play to a Spanish Indie crowd with music taste and music knowledge and play those tunes that are more known to the Spanish specific Indie crowds.

Music is….. (explain more)

Music is all for me. It is daily life. It has always been with me since very little. It is also a higher dimension way of communication between humans and these and the universe (God).

One song you really couldn’t live without?

Very difficult question. It is very hard just to pick one. I would even say, it is impossible. But as an example, French Disko from Stereolab is one of my favourite songs ever.

Name drop your current favourite Artists and tunes (past or present).

And a few more favourites ….

Snooze For Love – Todd Terje
Time For Us – Nicolas Jaar
Ani Kuni – Polo & Pan
Dragon Pom z – Polo & Pan
On Sunset – DJ Steaw
Clean Air – Bjorn Torske
Amelia (feat. Mauv) – Suzanne Kraft Remix
Flutes – Sasha Remix
Antoni Maiovvi – Spook Logos
Avenue Of The Palms – Massimiliano Pagliara

Which DJ’s and Producers inspire you?

Superpicther, DJ Seinfield, Ross from Friends, Lindstrom, Todd Terje, Bjorn Torske, Prins Thomas, Laurent Garnier, Sideral (Spain), David Holmes, Solomun, Sasha, Dimitri From Paris, Daniel Avery, Kink, Rampue, Blondish, Carl Cox, Dusky, Charlotte De Witte, Nina Kraviz.

What was your first DJ opportunity and how did it fuel your fire?

I started playing as of 14 years. However, the first serious gig was with 17 years at a private party in costa brava (Spain).

Give us a personal positive that has come from recent lockdowns?

More time to select music and record mixes. I have learned more to enjoy the present moment and forget about the future.

Tell us more about your plans for 2021?

Enjoy life, the present moment and play as much as possible.

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