Soul Central: Celebrating 20 Years of Unstoppable Musical Influence With Strings & Things
Words: Mike Mode
August 18, 2023

20 years on from first dominating the Music industry with a round of era-defining anthems, Soul Central present their own label CENTRL Music – Launching with a rework of their all time anthem ‘Strings Of Life’. Soul Central‘s brand new take of the chart topping classic has brought the track into modern day, whilst maintaining the old school essence of the original. A skill few can pull off. Strings Of Life / Un Amore Supremo pacing is a credit to the duo’s experience in arranging, where every build up creates the perfect amount of tension leading towards the euphoric piano riff that is synonymous to the heart and soul of ‘House Music’. 

CENTRL will play host to a string of new releases from the duo as they catapult far beyond their original House roots. With new singles with E-Man from ‘It’s Yours‘, Cevin Fisher, Inaya Day and many more memorable names, the duo plan to take in a more electronic focussed vibe whilst aiming to supersede previous success. Expanding their expansive global footprint on the airwaves, they also share their new residency with Select Radio – The UK’s No.1 dance music station.

Two decades have passed since Soul Central first left an indelible mark on the music industry, introducing a series of era-defining anthems that reshaped the landscape of dance music. With their magnetic sound and groundbreaking contributions, Paul Timothy and Matt Mckillop, the dynamic duo behind Soul Central, continue to reign as key figures in the world of club music. 

Matt Mckillop comments 

“We have an incredible amount of music that we cannot wait to share. Over the last few years we’ve been working to raise the bar musically and grow the brand with a whole new audience. It’s great to see so much love continuing for Soul Central and our releases. Strings Of Life / Un Amore Supremo is an important part of our journey and it’s amazing to see clubbers and DJ’s across the world in full support. We love to connect people on dancefloors and ignite sustained memories.”

Their journey began with a meteoric rise, creating pivotal club tracks that resonated with audiences worldwide. These tracks have maintained a consistent presence, gracing the airwaves of clubs, festivals, and radio stations across the globe, earning their rightful place in DJ sets for over twenty years.

Among the act’s most iconic achievements is the legendary anthem ‘Strings Of Life / Stronger on My Own,’ featuring the captivating vocals of Kathy Brown. This monumental track garnered widespread acclaim, even achieving the remarkable distinction of being ranked as the ‘4th Greatest Dance Record EVER’ by BBC Radio1 listeners, trailing only behind timeless classics like Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean,’ James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine,’ and Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love.’ 

As the years progressed, Soul Central’s influence and resonance remained unshakable. Fast forward to 2023, and their presence in the music scene continues to grow stronger. Their musical prowess has earned them a Grammy Award nomination for their collaboration with iconic vocalists Crystal Waters and Robin S. Furthermore, their reach has extended to international territories, expanding their long term Galaxy FM Radio Show that captivated audiences in Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, and Spain and their brand new show on Select. 

In a testament to their enduring creativity, Soul Central recently inked a multiple album deal and are set to unleash a series of scorching new releases over the following year. Their insatiable drive and boundless talent show no signs of slowing down. 

Venturing beyond musical boundaries, Soul Central introduced their ‘Days Of Disco’ brand in Ibiza this season, a reflection of their dedication to the art of entertainment and a nod to their celebrated vinyl-only series and flashback to the glory days of Paradise Garage. With a myriad of residencies and appearances spanning across Europe, Australia and Asia on the cards, their sound continues to guide the pulse of clubland, orchestrating a sustained celebration of the ever captivating realms of House music. 

Paul Timothy (Timmy Vegas) comments 

“I’m beyond excited to share our new updated versions of one of the all-time clubland classics. Over the past two decades we have constantly evolved and remained firmly focussed on creating poignant, joyful releases that actively celebrate house music and the emotional connection it evokes.”

To immerse yourself in the world of Soul Central, explore their musical impact on Spotify.

In a world where trends come and go, Soul Central stands as a timeless force, shaping the very essence of music for generations to come. With a rich legacy of innovation, a fervent dedication to the craft, and an unrelenting commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Soul Central continues to etch their name in the book of music history.


Soul Central – Strings Of Life / Un Amore Supremo (Raw Mix) 

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