UGENIUS Radio Announce New Guest’s Including Biesmens, Mathias Meyer And Many More
Words: Rhys Buckham
September 4, 2023

Founded by Tom & Jacob from ‘The Journey‘ in 2010, UGENIUS has developed into one of the biggest electronic labels out of Australia. Specialising in House, Progressive and the more melodic side Techno, UGENIUS plays host to a plethora of world renowned acts. Recently, the likes of Tim Englehardt, Gorge, Bebetta, Kellerkind, Cioz, Jamie Stevens, Mike Rish, Lexer, Luke Alessi and many more have released their music under the UGENIUS banner.

Hosted by The Journey & Guests, UGENIUS radio is a weekly program delivering the very latest in all things fresh. Focusing on new and unreleased music, tomorrow’s bombs with the occasional throwback record.

Embracing electronic music’s poignant zest, The Journey are delivering studio output supported by pioneers and humble music enthusiasts equally. Built to keep dance-floor hearts full, the Melbourne based duo have knelt to electronic devotees on one knee, gracing stages at the iconic Rainbow Serpent FestivalPitch Music & Arts, Subsonic and Strawberry Fields Festival, while having cemented solid tours throughout Europe in 2018 & 2019 and again in 2022.

Delivering ammunition for festival, club and afterparty, The Journey have earned themselves a place on some of the world’s finest labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Bedrock & Einmusika whilst also being remixed by some of the industries elite in Bebetta, Tim Engelhardt, PARIS, CIOZ,, Rafael Cerato and Florian Kruse, the list goes on. The Journey have added their own flavour to a number of world class artists, remixing the likes of Super Flu, Bebetta, Betoko, Sharam Jay, Luke Chable and Quench’s 1993 anthem, ‘Dreams’.

UGENIUS Radio is set to host a number of upcoming guests including Markus Homm, Dilby, Kellerkind, Bebetta, Jamie Stevens, Biesmens, Mathias Meyer, Gorge, Cioz, Mike Rish, Amine K, Emanuel Satie & Jonas Saalback

You can listen to their Weekly Show airing on:

– IbizaBpm Radio (Ibiza, Formentera, Madrid)
– Vibe Nation (Australia, Digital)
– We Get Lifted (Digital Worldwide)
– Radio Deep Underground (Digital Worldwide)
– Beat Rebel Radio (Argentina)
– Chill Lover Radio – (United States)
– Galaxy FM / Kiss FM Sweden (Broadcast Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain)
– Dwild Music Radio (United States)


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