Sattam invites us on an Acid House trip with his latest enchanting single ‘Dream with Me’
Words: Mike Mode
September 20, 2023

The latest release from Sattam is Dream with Me – an enchanting track which he drew from experiencing the thriving music scene in London . This single was predominantly inspired by the escapism and envelopment that Sattam gets from various aspects of his life; it represents an idyllic amalgamation of different genres and sounds plucked directly from some of the world’s most renowned clubs.

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Continuing with his success so far in 2023, Sattam is back with his house/acid anthem for the summer entitled ‘Dream with Me,’ – an enchanting track which drew on Sattam experiencing the thriving music scene in London . This single was predominantly inspired by the escapism and envelopment that Sattam gets from various aspects of his life; it represents an idyllic amalgamation of different genres and sounds plucked directly from some of the world’s most renowned clubs. The dreamy and deep textures interwoven throughout the single’s dense soundscape are a direct result of Sattam playing the hit game World of Warcraft. Taking elements from such a rich musical diet of different avenues is what gives ‘Dream with Me‘ it’s truly fresh taste that will tantalise your palette. Marking the first of a string of releases that will come out consistently, ‘Dream with Me,’ is the perfect way to start this next period in Sattam’s musical career. 

Originally hailing from Vienna and currently based in London, Sattam is an Austrian/Bengali electronic music artist who has been enthralled by the industry since the age of 14. It was during his formative teen years that he was introduced to Pendulum, which opened the Pandora’s Box to various other genres of electronic music. Unsatisfied with mainstream music during university, Sattam learned to DJ with a friend to play the music they loved. This led to exploring production and experimenting with various genres like House, Disco, and Techno. Subsequently, Sattam’s passion for this creative avenue led him to relocate to London, which exposed him to the underground scene. Here, he was shifted towards more diverse soundscapes in the enchanting genres of Trance and Garage. Sattam’s talent garnered significant attention from labels like Eton Messy and Southpoint, and has earned his deserved recognition through Spotify playlists and DJ support from renowned artists like Jody Wisternoff, The Blessed Madonna, Works of Intent, and BLOND:ISH. With over 2 million Spotify listens and appearances on BBC Radio 1 IntroducingSattam’s journey has been one littered with remarkable successes, yet it is still just beginning – certainly not one to miss out on for any Electronic music fan.  


Introduce yourself and your project

I am an Austrian/Bengali Electronic Music Artist who grew up in Vienna and now lives in London. I focus on different areas of dance music such as House, Trance, and Breaks.

Explain what musical genre fits you best

Multiple genres within electronic music that are enveloping and dreamy.

Namecheck some of your current influences

Daniel Avery, Guy Contact, Bonobo, Bicep, Overmono, Kassian

Were you connected with music from a young age and did anyone inspire you?

I discovered electronic music when I was 12 through an online game called World of Warcraft. Someone in the game told me to listen to ‘Blood Sugar’ by Pendulum and that was the start of the now 15 year rabbit hole.

What kickstarted your music career?

I’d say I officially started taking it seriously as a career when I released my first song to the public in September 2017. The songs from that era are long gone.

Tell us more about your sound and how its evolved over time

My sound is constantly evolving – even my music from two years ago is completely different to now. It is hard not to be influenced by so many different areas when you are in a city like London. The one element that I try to keep throughout the years is the dreamy nature of the sounds.

Any words you want to share to encourage other artists or producers?

Keep on keeping on.

How do you nurture your industry relationships?

I should be doing this more.

Is there anyone youd like to thank thats been crucial to your journey?

Too many to name! It is truly a supportive and wholesome community.

Name 3 songs you love and what they mean to you + Youtube links

Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of Ten

L.S.G Netherworld – Oliver Prime Remix

808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)

These three songs are such great examples of what I am trying to achieve. They absolutely envelop you in their sounds but still have such deep impact in the clubs.

Whats your favourite piece of studio equipment or software?

Currently it’s the VST called ‘DRC’ by Imaginando. Absolutely beautiful virtual analog synth.

Name your favourite club or festival and how it makes you feel

Night Tales in Hackney. The combination between the impressive club and the huge bar/outdoor area makes it a wonderful time whenever I’m there.

Name an outlandish rider request?

Only green gummy bears

Favourite clubbing memory and who or what did it involve?

Too many to name, but I’ve been loving this new club in Vienna (my hometown) called PRST. Always have the best time with my friends there, who I don’t get to see too often as I live in London.

What famous quote represents you best?

Live Laugh Love.

If you could play at any venue, where would it be and why?

Fabric! It is such a cultural institution in London and I’ve known about it since I was a kid.

Music is….. (explain more)


One song you really couldnt live without and why?

Nosaj Thing – All Points Back to U. This song is the reason I make music the way I do.

Namedrop your favourite 5 artists or DJs (past or present)

Kassian, Bicep, Bonobo, Adam Pits, Daniel Avery

What was your first music memory and how did it fuel your fire?

Starting piano lessons at the age of 5. I wish I didn’t stop after 5 years but it definitely kickstarted my interest in making and playing music.

Tell us more about your plans for the future

Consistently release music and get more gigs.

Any worldly advice youd like to share?

Work on your craft consistently.

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