Uber Is Finally Launching In Ibiza
Words: Rhys Buckham
November 28, 2023

After months of speculation, Uber will arrive in Ibiza this Wednesday (29th November) with the ride share platform allowing people to order a car on the app with the option of booking 30 days in advance.

Taxi drivers on the island have been offered the opportunity to register to become Uber drivers, and so far there are 14 cars available to use on the island although this number is expected to rise over the coming months as more drivers take up the technology and are granted the required VTC licenses from local authorities.

Uber’s director general in Spain and Portugal, Fernández Aramburu states: “As we do in other cities in the rest of Spain, we open the availability of our service to the taxi sector, to any other fleet of a company with VTC [licenses] or to self-employed people who have a [VTC] license.”

Reported in Mixmag, the launch will include two types of service: Uber Comfort and Uber Van with a capacity for four and six passengers. Uber will take a 12% commission fee for the trip but has offered drivers an incentive to join with €150 for their first 25 trips. Drivers who use the platform and recruit another colleague will be rewarded with €300 euros for doing so.

You can get a price estimate here