Getting To Know: NEOFUN
Words: Rhys Buckham
January 25, 2024

The most recent release by NEOFUN, “OUTER ORDER,” debuted on December 1st, 2023. It encompasses the primary genre of psy-trance, complemented by the sub-genres of psy-tech for its introduction and a captivating psychill outro.


Introduce yourself and your project

I’m Erfan Dahresobh, recognised in the music industry as NEOFUN, my artistic alias in the EDM genre. A 34-year-old based in Tehran, Iran, I thrive as an underground electronic music producer. Additionally, I’ve made significant contributions as a sound designer and effects artist for the film and TV industry. Over the span of my career from 2014 to the present, I’ve crafted more than 30,000 minutes of intricate sound design, contributing to over 300 titles for both domestic and international television and streaming platforms.

Explain what musical genre fits you best

I find my niche in the distinct genre of PSY-Tech, a fusion encompassing elements of psychedelic, psytrance, melodic techno, and uplifting EDM. While my primary focus revolves around this dynamic blend, I occasionally venture into the realms of psychill and chillout, infusing ambient and folk instruments into electronic atmospheres for a more diverse sonic palette.

Were you connected with music from a young age and did anyone inspire you?

I developed a deep connection with music during my middle school years at the age of 14. My early influences were techno tracks by artists like SCOOTER, 666, Brooklyn Bounce, and the foreign-Iranian DJ, DJ Aligator. Simultaneously, I found inspiration in the works of psychedelic and psytrance producers such as INFECTED MUSHROOM, ASTRIX, U-RECKEN, GATAKA, and SKAZI. These artists have remained my heroes, shaping my musical journey with their impactful hits.

Over the years, my support network expanded to include my manager, Amir Eight, who consistently provides positive vibes and moral support. I also owe a significant debt of gratitude to my family, especially my mother, a PHD psychologist, who has been a steadfast pillar throughout my musical career. In recent years, my wife Neda has played an instrumental role in keeping me motivated—logically, mentally, and financially. As VITO CORLEONE wisely said, “nothing is more important than family.”

About Amir Eight, my manager, who not only provides unwavering support but is also a fellow music producer and the owner of an independent record label called Musixsale. His invaluable advice has been instrumental in shaping my artistic journey and navigating the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

The captivating cover art for my projects is masterfully crafted by Madviss, an exceptionally talented artist. Madviss brings a unique and imaginative touch to each design, perfectly complementing the essence of the music with visually stunning artwork that captivates the audience.

What kickstarted your music career?

My music career had a gradual and steady beginning. Initially, I ventured into the world of music as a DJ. After dedicating several years to learning music production, I entered various remix contests, securing favourable positions and garnering positive reviews along with constructive critiques. The turning point came in 2012 when I established my first independent music studio, marking a shift from producing diverse genres like pop, rap, R&B, and folk to discovering my true passion in the realm of psychedelic trance.

Tell us more about your sound and how it’s evolved over time

Since 2017, when I contributed my first psytrance composition to a collaborative album featuring talented Persian electronic producers (Top Persian DJs), I discovered my true affinity for this genre. This realisation marked a pivotal moment in my journey as an EDM producer. As I continue to evolve, my sound has become a canvas for expressing my dreams and goals, aiming to create immersive auditory experiences that bring both vitality and imagination to life.

Any words you want to share to encourage other artists or producers?

Regardless of your location or resources, pursue your passion and strengths. In today’s technological landscape, the world is at your fingertips with just a click from your mobile or computer. Don’t squander time; chase your goals relentlessly. Everyone deserves to feel alive through their creative pursuits.

How do you nurture your industry relationships?

As a matter of fact, everything grows from the inside. Hard work plus inspiration equals approaching goals and making a lot of connections to other artists and people who foster in your path.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank that’s been crucial to your journey?

First and foremost, I would like to express my deep gratitude to my mother, the primary pillar of support in my life, along with my father and brother, who are integral members of my family. Secondly, a heartfelt thanks goes to my wife, Neda, for her unwavering support. Lastly, I extend my appreciation to my manager, Amir Eight, whose invaluable and constructive advice has played a crucial role in guiding me through my journey.

Name 3 songs you love and what they mean to you 

Astrix – Underbeat

Infected Mushroom – Vicious Delicious

U-Recken – Lost Paradise

What’s your favourite piece of studio equipment or software?

I have a strong affinity for MIDI keyboards, as they play a central role in crafting my sounds. Since 2007, my primary Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) has been Cubase. Additionally, I consistently rely on XFER- Serum, a synthesizer that, in my opinion, stands out as the best in the current market.

Name your favourite club or festival and how it makes you feel

In Iran, electronic concerts and EDM festivals are unfortunately illegal. However, I do have a list of events that I aspire to be a part of, including Ozora, Boom, Indian Spirit, and Hilltop. These festivals hold a special place in my aspirations, and the thought of participating in them brings a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Name an outlandish rider request?

I prefer to keep my rider simple and focused on the essentials, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable performance experience.

Favourite clubbing memory and who or what did it involve?

While every clubbing experience is unique, one that stands out is when the perfect blend of music, friends, and vibrant energy created an unforgettable night.

What famous quote represents you best?

A quote that deeply resonates with my manager, Amir Eight, is, “Success is not merely achieving your goals; it’s about embracing the entire journey, gaining insights from every step taken.” This quote encapsulates his belief in the value of learning and growing through the experiences encountered on the path to success. Loser is not who would not success, loser is who gives up. The true measure of a loser is not someone who fails to achieve success; it’s someone who chooses to give up in the face of challenges.

If you could play at any venue, where would it be and why?

I aspire to perform at venues with a positive and welcoming atmosphere, where DJs share a profound connection with the audience, focusing on the spirit and humanity inherent in music. For me, music transcends mere entertainment; it serves as a universal language that connects souls across diverse ideas and religions. It’s a powerful storytelling medium that doesn’t require translation, sparking immediate imagination and profound moments, often with closed eyes.

One song you really couldn’t live without and why?

“Vicious Delicious” by Infected Mushroom is a song I couldn’t imagine living without. The sound designs from that era are truly breathtaking. Through this masterpiece, I’ve come to the realization that, irrespective of circumstances, human potential is boundless and can perpetually evolve.

Namedrop your favourite 5 artists or DJs (past or present)

My top five favorite artists or DJs, both past and present, include Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Skazi, Scooter, and DJ Aligator. Additionally, I have immense respect and appreciation for my manager, Amir Eight.

What was your first music memory and how did it fuel your fire?

My earliest music memory goes back to 2004 when a middle-school classmate handed me a CD featuring Scooter’s track “NESSAJA.” The intense blend of screaming vocals, high-voltage kicks, and captivating melodies left me intrigued, sparking a realisation of my fascination with the world of music. That moment planted the seed of my aspiration to become a DJ in the future, and it remains an unforgettable memory—the inception of my musical journey.

Tell us more about your plans for the future

My future plans revolve around an unwavering commitment to creating more music, with the determination to persist until my heart stops beating. Any additional achievements will be a testament to my dedication. Playing on the most coveted stages and festivals is a dream goal that I aspire to achieve and consider a true blessing. Amir, my manager, consistently instills in me the joy of hard work in music, guiding me through the intricate processes of releasing, publishing, and navigating the various aspects of the music industry, requiring significant effort and knowledge.

Any worldly advice you’d like to share?

Follow your heart, stay dedicated to what you love, and keep your motivations close. Avoid regrets for what you’ve lost, believe in your future, and learn from your past. Read abundantly, contemplate deeply, and express judiciously.

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