Raman Siayn Unveils Stunning Debut 5-Track Album ‘Cosmic Dreams’
Words: Rhys Buckham
January 26, 2024

When it comes to showcasing your talent and diversity as an artist, there is nothing quite like an album to do so. In steps the UK based artist Raman Siayn as he unveils his brand new debut album ‘Cosmic Dreams’. This album contains 5 brand new singles which not only showcase the talent that he has when he steps into the studio but also his range of different styles and passions that he likes to work on. From EDM to deep house, trap to hip hop, and even some future bass, this album has it all. 

The album kicks off with ‘Astral Vibes’, the perfect opener for what is to come. Sultry synths and elegant vocal samples are the main event of this hip hop single with the aim for this one being easy listening, letting the listener get hooked right from the start. 

‘Burn Together’ is up next and this is where Raman Siayn showcases his EDM style. Instantly catchy vocals can be heard from the start and as the single progresses more elements are introduced which add to the vibe. Piano hooks and arpeggios then get introduced which make this the perfect dance single. 

The album then gets taken to the trap world with ‘Tokyo Nights’. This one is all about power, with the overall vibe being a little darker than what has come before, further showcasing that diverse sound that we mentioned previously. 

Back to the four on the floor style now with ‘One More Time’. This one is a little similar to the previous EDM single but with deeper tones, as Raman Siayn uses addictive and elegant synths playing an irresistible melody that will leave you playing way more times than just once.

And last but certainly not least we’ve got the future bass single ‘Mumbai Moonrise’. Somewhat similar to the trap single that came previously, this one is more melodically driven while still bringing that edginess along with some ethnic synths to add extra flavour.

Overall, ‘Cosmic Dreams’ is certainly an impressive debut album and showcases exactly why you should keep a close eye on Raman Siayn in 2024. 

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