Bradderz & 25KV Join Forces To Create The Momentous Single, ‘Speed Garage’ + Interview
Words: Rhys Buckham
March 22, 2024

Get ready for the collaboration of two fierce Garage talents brought together to shine a light on a forgotten force known as Speed Garage. Bradderz and 25KV, the latter being the UKG/ Bassline virtuoso Lee Viner, worked tirelessly to bring this late 90’s genre, characterised by its distinctive skippy thumping drums and alarm effects, back to our attention, and it definitely doesn’t miss.

GETTING TO KNOW: Bradderz and 25KV

Bradderz : Shaun Bradshaw

25KV : Lee Viner

Introduce yourself and your project

Myself (Bradderz, label owner and composer) & 25KV is the producer of this project. 

Explain what musical genre fits you best

Speed Garage / UK Garage / House Music / Garage House

Were you connected with music from a young age and did anyone inspire you?

Bradderz :

Yes my dad, I grew up listening to 80’s music in my dad’s car.

What kickstarted your music career?


I first started getting my music out there in the early 2000’s, before the 25KV alias. 

Back then, before you had all the social media platforms, we used to use music forums (like Staylocked and Uptwon Records) to network and show clips of our music. In 2003, I entered a competition on the Staylocked forum to get a track on their debut vinyl EP with other producers. The track was ‘Lee Viner – Falling’, and luckily it got picked for the EP. That was my first vinyl release and introduction to UK Garage.

Tell us more about your sound and how its evolved over time


The fundamentals of my sound have always been pretty similar from when I started out, to the present day. Interesting vocal chops and musical riffs, backed with a catchy bass line. Bringing together old school elements with a modern approach – that’s the aim anyway. I’d like to think the quality of production and mix has evolved over time though!


Speed Garage was around early 1996 and finished around 1999. The sound has always been around in a small underground scene, it’s only recently that Speed Garage has charted again with original vocals & remixes from the likes of Eliza Rose & Becky Hill. Before, it was 187 lockdown working with Louise & Robbie Williams. 

Any words you want to share to encourage other artists or producers?


Learn how to produce yourself and don’t use an engineer pretending you can produce. 


Don’t get too caught up in what equipment or plugins you have or haven’t got. Just learn your DAW inside out and get your ideas down. You can always add to your setup as you go along when you need it, or when you can afford it, just don’t let it kill your creativity.

How do you nurture your industry relationships? 

Social media. 

Is there anyone youd like to thank thats been crucial to your journey?

Bradderz :

Jon Buccieri, Bk298 Lee Viner, Dista.

25KV :

Lee Amico, Shaun Bradderz, Staylocked, Final Cutt, Pointblank. 

Name 3 songs you love and what they mean to you + Youtube links

Sly Slippin EP – Badbwoy

Raw Speed Garage tune that still works to this day on the dance floor. 

A.K Hunter Feat June – Round ‘N’ Round

Rare vinyl what not many have, discovered by garage Vybes 98 around 2011. 

Rare Candy – Play Around

Produced by Bk298, this was released on my bootleg label Ruff ‘N’Tuff Recordings, there’s only 6 vinyls that exist. This was one of the first tracks made from the Speed Garage revival. 

Whats your favourite piece of studio equipment or software?

25KV :

I’d say my favourite piece of equipment is actually the curve screen monitor that I have. Using Reason 11, which has 3 main sections to it, having a large second screen has really improved my workflow to be able to see everything at once.

Name your favourite club or festival and how it makes you feel

Bradderz :

Niche Sheffield, the original one on Sydney Street, great music and atmosphere, it really was about the music & dancing. Not like today with everyone facing the DJ with a phone in their hands (this is not raving). 

Festival would be 90’s Fest hosted by Jamie Duggan, this event features every DJ / Artists that was important in the 90’s and the line up gets bigger every year! 

Name an outlandish rider request?

Bradderz :

Happy with drinks.

Favourite clubbing memory and who or what did it involve?

Bradderz :

Going to the Niche with mates and dropping disco biscuits like every other raver did from Sheffield.

What famous quote represents you best?

Bradderz :Speed Garage is back forever ;)”, joking I don’t have one.

If you could play at any venue, where would it be and why?

Niche Sydney Street’  I was always a raver but it would have been good to DJ there.

One song you really couldnt live without and why?

Bradderz :

Plan B – In The Name Of Man. Underrated song that everyone needs to hear with a powerful meaning.

Namedrop your favourite 5 artists or DJs (past or present)

Bradderz :

187 Lockdown, Sol Brothers, BK298, Lee Viner, Jon Buccieri

25KV :

Artful Dodger, BK298, DJ Huggy, Banxe, Phonetix

What was your first music memory and how did it fuel your fire?

Bradderz :

Listening to 80’s music such as Blondie and Michael Jackson was the turning point which inspired me to listen to other styles of music.

25KV :

The buzz of hearing one of my tracks played out in a club for the first time, that was the best feeling and inspiration to work harder. 

Tell us more about your plans for the future

Bradderz :

Release more music with original vocalists and hopefully compose more lyrics as that’s what’s missing in the music industry these days – how many times can ‘Show me love’ get remixed? 

Any worldly advice youd like to share?

Be different ! People want to see something they haven’t ever seen before! Exactly like Fish56Octagon is doing at the moment’, reviewing music in a fun way’. Even though we’ve had support with our release with great artists such as “ Flashmob” & “ Cash Only ” I really do think Fish56octagon played a big part of making our track get noticed. Also special thanks for Phonetix for featuring us on his new UKG website check it out.

Speed Garage Is Out Now

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