Fully Focus & Sofiya Nzau Introduce Groundbreaking “Kikuyu House” Genre Through ‘Mwanake’
Words: Rhys Buckham
March 26, 2024

Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau are trailblazing a new musical sound with their new collaboration, Mwanake. Following the viral sensation of Mwaki, the duo presents the lead single from Fully Focus‘ groundbreaking EP, Kikuyu House. This EP, a labor of love for Fully Focus, sees him seamlessly blending elements of traditional Kikuyu music with the infectious beats of house music, creating a fresh sound that is primed to make waves globally.

‘Mwanake’, the EP’s lead track, serves as a testament to this innovative blend of genres. Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau expertly blend traditional Kikuyu melodies with contemporary house rhythms, paying homage to the roots of Kenyan music while infusing it with a modern twist. The song’s themes of unexpected love resonate universally, bridging cultural divides and appealing to audiences worldwide.

In discussing the release, Fully Focus emphasized the significance of ‘Mwanake’ within the broader “Kikuyu House” project. He expressed his commitment to honoring the rich musical tradition of the Kikuyu culture while presenting it in a format that resonates with today’s diverse audience. For Sofiya Nzau, working on ‘Mwanake’ was a transformative experience, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create a musical masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries.

WithMwanake now available for streaming on all major platforms, listeners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the groundbreaking sound of “Kikuyu House”.

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